Daniela Sannino

Teaching Fellow


Daniela Sannino is a Teaching Fellow in Italian. She has a PhD in Modern Philology (Federico II, Naples). She carried out her research at the Universities of Naples and Paris (Sorbonne Nouvelle) studying literary cultural mediation between Italy and France during the 19th century.

Following her graduation in 2004 in Modern Italian literature, she obtained her Master’s degree in 2006 working on Grazia Deledda’s short stories. She has collaborated with the Biblioteca Universitaria of Naples, contributing to a series of seminars on Elsa Morante. She has also been appointed editor of an inventory of Domenico Morelli’s correspondence held at the National Library Vittorio Emanuele III (2009). Having obtained an Abroad Mobility Scholarship from the University of Urbino (Carlo Bo) and having finished her doctoral thesis on Luigi Gualdo in late 2009, Daniela joined the University of Edinburgh in 2010 to start a new research project focused on the cultural mediator Carlo Placci.

While at the University of Edinburgh Daniela has also been and currently is (2009 to 2016) a tutor of Italian language and literature. During her academic experience in Edinburgh she has been Conference Organiser for the International Symposium ‘Tu se’ lo mio Maestro e ‘l mio Autore’ (University of Edinburgh 23-24 September 2010), IPSE Clerk (2010-2012), EJGS Decennial Special Editorial Assistant, EJGS Decennial Special Events Team Member as well as Creator of Online Didactic Materials for Italian Language at Intermediate Level (2015-2016).

In 2017 Daniela obtained the post of Teaching Fellow in Italian at the University of Edinburgh, while in 2018 she joined the University of Glasgow as a Lecturer in Italian Studies and in 2023 she also taught an intensive course in Italian (MEDEs) for the Glasgow School of Arts.  Daniela is currently a Teaching Fellow in Italian at the University of Edinburgh.

Undergraduate teaching

Daniela has taught Italian Language courses at all undergraduate levels. She is a Teaching Assistant and she currently tutors for Italian 1 Language (Beginners, and Intermediate Level), Italian Language 2 (Advanced group), Italian 1 Cultural Studies (Opera), Texts in Context (Manzoni) and Oral for Italian.

She has also recently lectured on: Italian Composition, Foundation Italian Language 1 and 2, Translation Studies (Eng to Ita), Writing in Italian (Honours), Italian Cinema, Italian Contemporary Female Writers, Italian Popular Culture,  and Italian Feminism.

Research summary

Dr Sannino's main interest lies in the role of Italian, French and British cultural mediators (passeurs culturels) in the 19th and 20th centuries.  She carried out researches on polyvalent authors (Gualdo, Placci, Morelli, Tozzi, James, Bourget) whose contributions to modern and contemporary literature also involve music, figurative art and psychology, bridging the gaps amongst different disciplines at a moment when cultural world gave in and new trends made themselves noticed for the first time. Her most recent professional research is into online didactic methodologies and the development of computer based materials for language learning and assessment here at the University of Edinburgh. She is also interested in Italian female 20th century cultural protagonists (Duse, Cima, Morante) and is currently working on a new complete critical edition of Grazia Deledda’s novellas.

Current research interests

Modern and Contemporary Italian Studies Comparative European Literature Italian Cultural studies.
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