Daniela Jaime Garcia

PhD student in translational neuroscience and research assistant in clinical studies of small vessel disease

  • The UK Dementia Research Institute
  • Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences
  • Biomedical Sciences

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Daniela ('Dany') Jaime Garcia is a PhD student in Translational Neuroscience funded by the Wellcome Trust and the University of Edinburgh. She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology and neuroscience at Grinnell College, USA, and subsequently pursued a Masters in Stroke Medicine at the Institute of Neurology, University College London. She has since been a research assistant in clinical studies of small vessel disease with Professor Joanna Wardlaw at the University of Edinburgh, whom she continues to collaborate with for her PhD. During this time, Dany was involved in a variety of clinical research projects, including The Mild Stroke Study 3 and TREAT-SVDs.


BSc (hons) - Psychology and Neuroscience, Grinnell College, Iowa, U.S.A

MSc - Stroke Medicine, Institute of Neurology, University College London, U.K.

Research summary

Dany is investigating the role of pericytes and endothelial cells in the blood-brain-barrier breakdown observed in small vessel disease, Alzheimer's Disease and vascular dementia. Her PhD project aims to include both pre-clinical and clinical components and is supervised by Dr Axel Montagne and Professor Joanna Wardlaw. Her primary research interests centre around cerebrovascular dysfunction and how it contributes to neurodegeneration and include stroke, cognition and ageing. 


Affiliated research centres

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