Dandan [Doreen] Chen (PhD student)

Thesis title: Visual Languaging: Exploring Visualisation in Language and Cognitive Development through a Pluriliteracies Model in Online EFL Classrooms


Dandan is a PhD student from the University of Edinburgh majoring in Education where her research focuses on the visual methodologies in the teaching and learning of additional languages, CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and Pluriliteracies. Her current project takes a turn of exploring visual approaches used by second language learners to articulate their understanding of the subject specific content and the academic language to internalize meaning making and deeper learning.

She has been teaching English since 2013 as she did a BSc in Business English though her academic background is mainly art-based.  She did another Bachelor in Animation followed with two Masters in Illustration and Interdisciplinary Creative Practices by Research respectively from Edinburgh College of Art, derived from which she developed her current research topic of combining art with language education. Some of her artworks can be found via https://869432330.wixsite.com/illustratedpaints 


MA illustration

MSc Interdisciplinary practices by research

BA Animation

BSc Business English

Current research interests

Visualisation (learners generated visuals like drawings in L2 classrooms); Visual thinking; Translanguaging; Languaging (visual scaffolded languaging); PTDL; CLIL.

Past research interests

Story illustration; Animal welfare; Interdisciplinary methodologies.

Affiliated research centres