Daisy Sandeman

PhD Student

  • School of Health in Social Science
  • Nursing studies

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Medical Quad, Teviot Place

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I work as a clinical nurse practitioner in cardiac surgery at Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. I am presently in my part time 3rd year of PhD at Edinburgh University.

I was privileged to be the first nurse to win 'The Ionescu' scholarship in summer 2015 provided by the Society of Cardio Thoracic surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland. I was able to undertake a wonderful and educational trip to the Peter Munk Cardiac centre in Toronto, Canada. I met a very passionate group of clinical, teaching and administrative staff who worked tirelessly in raising  Delirium awareness within all areas of the hospital. It was a superb experience  in every sense of the word.

Project activity

'To identify the incidence of post traumatic stress symptoms in patients with delirium following cardiac surgery.'

I am presently in the process of data collection which is very exciting.

Supervisors- Dr Sheila Rodgers & Dr Jennifer Tocher.