Clara Sanchez-Izquierdo Lozano (BSc. (Hons), MSc.)

Research Assistant

  • Psychology and CAMARADES
  • School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences and Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

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Psychology Building, Central Campus

7 George Square, Edinburgh
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Chancellor's Building, Little France

49 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh
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EH16 4SB


I'm a highly motivated individual with an interest in psychological research, particularly mental health, social psychology, applied psychometrics and quantitative/qualitative data. I am passionate about working to widen knowledge and how this can be applied to help others. Particularly, I'm interested in the study of young people's and students' mental health, as well as the study of close relationships (specifically romantic relationships).

Previously I have worked as a Research Assistant in UCL joining the Psychology Informing University Practice (PsychUP) project on improving mental health support with a dissertation written on the barriers that students have to accessing mental health support, alongside many further RA, Lab Assistant and Research Internships roles throughout my career. I'm now mainly working in PPLS as a Research Assistant, mainly affiliated in the Mental Health In the Moment - ADHD project with Dr Aja Murray.

I'm also passionate about reproducibility, transparency and open research/science, so I have also recently started my next position part-time in combination with my current Psychology one at PPLS, as a Research Assistant in the CAMARADES group in the Centre for Clinical Brain Science (CCBS) under the Deanery of Clinical Sciences, College for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (CMVM) with Professor Emily Sena and Professor Malcolm MacLeod. In this project I am working in systematic reviews and meta-analyses of pre-clinical data along FAIR principles for scientific data curation.

I'm an aspiring researcher and hope to continue my journey in the future with a PhD, Post-Doc and Academia.


BSc (Hons) Psychology (with a Work Placement Year), The University of Kent

MSc Psychological Research, The University of Edinburgh

Research summary

The effect of romantic relationships on university students’ mental health: evaluating the mediating role of emotion regulation - MSc Dissertation (soon to be published)

Current research interests

Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health, Close Relationships, Applied Psychometrics, Quantitative and Qualitative Data, Brain Imaging (particularly fMRI, TMS and Eye-Tracking)

Project activity

Mental Health In the Moment - ADHD - UoE

Mental Health In the Moment - UoE

Scottish Student Mental Health Research Network (ScotSMART) - UoE


Psychology Informing University Practice (PsychUP) - UCL 

IMProving ACcess to Treatment and Support (IMPACTS) - UCL

SENSE - Student mENtal health SurvEy