Charlotte Webber (PhD Student)

Thesis title: Tackling the Drop-Off: Understanding the Teenage Reading Experience


My PhD research uses participatory approaches to explore young peoples' reading motivation and their experiences with reading for pleasure. More information about the project can be found here: The Young People’s Reading Project – Literacy Lab ( Links to publications associated with the project can be found here: @charlottewebber | Linktree


Prior to starting my PhD at the University of Edinburgh, I completed my BSc and MSc in Psychology at the University of Birmingham and worked as a Research Assistant on Literacy and Reading projects at Aston University. 


I also currently co-convene the UKLA Special Interest Group on Participatory Approaches in Literacy Research with Dr Sarah McGeown (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Melanie Ramdarshan Bold (University of Glasgow). More details can be found here: Participatory Approaches in Literacy Research SIG - UKLA