Professor Charlotte Clarke

Professor of Health in Social Science; College Dean International; EFI Director of Global Communities


I am currently Professor of Health in Social Science, College Dean International and EFI Director of Global Communities. I was Head of the School of Health in Social Science from 2011 - 2018. Prior to this, I worked as Associate Dean (Research) at Northumbria University, leading a substantial and successful research centre. Currently, I am Co-Director of ECRED (Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia).

I qualified as a nurse in 1986 from what was then called Glasgow College of Technology and worked clinically for a number of years before moving into roles that were more focussed on education and research. A part-time PhD studentship funded by the then Regional Health Authority focussed on the experiences of carers of people with dementia.


Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Current PhD students supervised


First supervisor: Professor Charlotte Clarke; Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Rhynas

The perception of successful ageing among Malaysian middle-aged adults.


KENNY DAVIDSON (PhD – part time – CARC)

First supervisor: Professor Charlotte Clarke; Second Supervisor: Professor Heather Wilkinson

Understanding the Lifeworld of people with dementia and other stakeholders within the discharge process from Orthopaedic Trauma 

EMMA GIEBEN-GAMAL (PhD – part time)

First supervisor: Professor Chris Speed; Second Supervisor: Professor Charlotte Clarke

Everyday objects and identity for older people.


KAREN WAN (PhD – full time)

First supervisor: Professor Charlotte Clarke; Second Supervisor: Professor Heather Wilkinson

Residential care for older people with intellectual disabilities living with dementia in Hong Kong.


ADELE VAN WYK (PhD – full time – Commonwealth Scholarship)

First supervisor: Professor Charlotte Clarke; Second Supervisor: Dr Celeste de Jaeger (University of Cape Town)

The experiences of living with dementia in culturally diverse communities in South Africa


NATTHAWAT SURIYA (PhD – full time – Royal Thai Government studentship)

First supervisor: Professor Charlotte Clarke; Second Supervisor: Professor Heather Wilkinson

Caregiving to people living with dementia in Thailand – issues of risk and responsibility


KATIE GAMBIER-ROSS (PhD – full-time – Alzheimer’s Society studentship)

First supervisor: Professor Charlotte Clarke; Second Supervisors: Professor Heather Wilkinson & Dr. Penny Woolnough (Abertay University)

‘Out and About’ – Dementia and wayfinding


NANCY BROWN (PhD – part-time)

First supervisor: Professor Charlotte Clarke; Second Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Rhynas

Day centre care provision in Israel


VALERIA LEMBO (PhD – full-time – funded by University of Edinburgh)

First supervisor: Professor Charlotte Clarke; Second Supervisor: Dr. Jo Alexjuk

Arts and dementia: an ethnography


ZOE COYLE (PhD – full-time – BBSRC CASE studentship)

First supervisor: Professor Angus Walls; Second Supervisor: Professor Charlotte Clarke 

Factors influencing dental hygiene for older people

Past PhD students supervised

2004 Sam Sartain (nee Cullen)Vulnerability and Capacity in Childhood Chronic IllnessNorthumbria University. (Principal supervisor) (PhD). Sam is now working as a minister.


2005 Karen Maughan Gynaecological Cancer and Survivorship: Evaluating the Effect of a Clinical Nurse SpecialistNorthumbria University. (Principal supervisor) (PhD) – in 2017, Karen commenced post as Chief of Nursing and AHP’s for Macmillan Cancer Support.


2006 Veronica Mary Swallow Learning to Manage Chronic Renal Disease: The Experiences of Children and FamiliesNorthumbria University. (Principal supervisor) (PhD). From 2017, Veronica is Professor of Child and Family Health at Leeds University.


2007 Monique Marie-Paule Lhussier A Nomadic Exploration of Quality of Like in Long-Term ConditionsNorthumbria University. (Principal supervisor) (PhD). In 2017, Monique is Associate Professor in Public Health and Wellbeing, Northumbria University.


2007 Jean Penny Building Improvement CapabilityMiddlesex University. (Academic Advisor) (Professional Doctorate Studies in Health: Leadership) 


2007 Tina Cook Action ResearchNorthumbria University. (Advisor) (PhD by publication). In 2019, Tina is Professor (Inclusive Methodologies), Liverpool John Moore University. 


2008 Leah Macaden Risk Perception among Older South Asians with Type 2 Diabetes in the United Kingdom Northumbria University. (Principal supervisor) (PhD). In 2019, Leah is a Senior Lecturer at University of Highlands & Islands.


2011 Julia Botsford Ethnicity and cultural issues in dementia care. Northumbria University. (Principal supervisor) (PhD). In 2017, Julia is a Senior Admiral Nurse.


2011 Shelina Visram Evaluation of Health Trainer role. Northumbria University. 

(Principal Supervisor) (PhD NIHR Research Training Fellowship 2008-11). In 2017, Shelina is Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Public Policy and Health, Durham University. 


2012 Norman Rickard The older person/practitioner partnership: involvement of the older person in intermediate care. Northumbria University. (Second Supervisor) (PhD). Norman is now retired from his post as Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University.


2012 Anna Wolkoski Does respite care address the needs of palliative care service users and carers? A study involving service users and carers in an exploration of their perspectives and experience of respite care. Northumbria University. (Second Supervisor) (DNSc). Anna is now CEO of Dove House Hospice.


2015 Kate Norman Social Care Service Provision to Transgender People in Scotland

University of Edinburgh (Second Supervisor) (PhD), ESRC / Scottish Government funded studentship). In 2017, Kate is retired.


2015 Stina Viljus Attachment Theory and DementiaUniversity of Edinburgh (Principal Supervisor) (MScR). In 2019, Stina (Saunders) is PhD student and Research Assistant, University of Edinburgh.


2016 Jay Lee Use of IT to mediate student nurse learning in clinical placements in South Korea. University of Edinburgh (Principal Supervisor) (PhD). In 2019, Jay is Assistant Professor (Research) at Hong Kong University.


2016 Christine English Exploration of the inter-relationships between children, young people, parents and professionals' perspectives on quality of life during the cancer journey

Northumbria University (Second Supervisor) (PhD - part time). In 2017, Christine is Principal Lecturer, Northumbria University. 


2017 Karen Barrie Testing Times -Understanding the agency-structure dynamic in the everyday activities of older people with dementia

University of Edinburgh (Principal Supervisor) (PhD). In 2018, Karen is a Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.


2018 Joanne Eva Alexjuk The journey from dementia diagnosis to final bereavement: An exploration of anticipatory grief, loss and bereavement                                                                    

University of Edinburgh (Principal Supervisor) (PhD). In 2019, Jo is a Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.


2018 Xiubin Zhang An interpretative phenomenological analysis to explore the lived experience of people with dementia and their family caregivers in China.

University of Edinburgh (Principal Supervisor) (PhD). Xiubin has been appointed as Associate Professor at Langzou University, China.


Research summary

Current / Recent Research Awards

Current / Completed (within REF2014-2021 period)


Missing! Dementia, Data Driven Innovation and Govtech

Charlotte Clarke*, Penny Woolnough, Jane Wilkinson, Katie Gambier-Ross. Awarded by EFI £5,000, 2019.


Beyond the Margins – Personal Development Programme for People Living with Dementia

Charlotte Clarke*, Sarah Keyes, Julie Watson, Jane Wilcockson, Agnes Houston, Philly Hare. Awarded by Alzheimer’s Society £340,000, 2019-21.


Electronic Person Specific Outcome Measures (ePSOM) 

Craig Ritchie*, Charlotte Clarke et al. Awarded by Alzheimer Research UK £60,000, 2017-19.


Technology Enabled Dementia Education and Support (TEDES) for Health Care Professionals in Rural Scotland

CharlotteClarke, Leah Macaden*, Keith Smyth. Awarded by European Social Fund £124,157, 2017-21.


Staying Safe ‘Going Out’: Enacted Narrative Research

Charlotte Clarke*, Penny Woolnough, Heather Wilkinson. Awarded by Alzheimer’s Society PhD Studentship Grants £73,000, 2017-20.


Inciting Dialogue & Disruption

Charlotte Clarke*, Heather Wilkinson, Sarah Keyes. Awarded by ESRC Secondary Data Analysis Programme £165,000 (80% fEC - £199,000 at 100% fEC), 2015-16.


Dementia and Risk Theory: Influencing Through the Arts

CharlotteClarke*. Awarded by ESRC Impact Accelerator Account, £20,000, 2016-17, plus Impact Booster award £10,000, 2017.



DATUM for Health

Project team: Julie McLeod, Charlotte Clarke, John Dean. Awarded by JISC Managing Research Data Programme £56,000, 2010-11.

Models for ageing and technological solutions for improving and enhancing the quality of life.

Network members: Maia Angelova, Glenda Cook, Charlotte Clarke, Pam Briggs et al. Awarded by EU FP7 Marie Curie Actions £189,000, 2011-2013.

Healthbridge: Evaluation of the National Dementia Strategy

Project team: Charlotte Clarke (PI), Heather Wilkinson, Mima Cattan, Louise Robinson, Lynne Corner, Siobhan McClelland. Awarded by NIHR Policy Research Programme £649,000, 2010-2012.

Enabling environment: Modelling wellbeing in ageing

Network members: Charlotte Clarke (PI), Maia Angelova, Jan Reed, Pam Briggs, Peter Bath, Tony Hildreth and others. Awarded by MRC Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Research Programme £50,000, 2009-10.

Give and take: Information use and self-management in dementia care

Research team: Charlotte Clarke (PI), John Swain, Catherine Gibb, Andrew Fairbairn, Ian James. Awarded by NHS NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Programme, £217,000, 2008-10. Plus £10,000 awarded by DENDRoN.

Risk and Resilience in Dementia Care

Research team: Charlotte Clarke (PI), Catherine Gibb, Cathy Bailey. Awarded by North of Tyne PCT £100,000, 2011-12.

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