Dr Catriona Pickard (BSc, MA, PhD, FSA Scot)

Senior Lecturer; Director of Students; Archaeological Science


I graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BSc (Hons) degree in Physics and an MA in Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh. I completed my PhD in Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh in 2002. I joined Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh in 2003 and was appointed Lecturer in 2012.

Undergraduate teaching

  • Archaeology 1A [ARCA 08004] (Convenor)
  • Archaeology 1B [ARCA08005] (Contributor)
  • Archaeology 2A: Scotland before History [ARCA08013) (Contributor)
  • Archaeology 2B: Archaeology in Action [ARCA08012] (Contributor)
  • Human Origins (Convenor)
  • Scientific Methods in Bio-Archaeology [ARCA10077] (Convenor)

Postgraduate teaching

  • Analytical Methods in Human Osteology [PGHC11230] (Contributor)
  • Biomolecular Archaeology [PGHC11428] (Convenor)
  • Human Evolution (Convenor)
  • Frontiers in Archaeology [PGHC11001] (Contributor)  

Current PhD students supervised


PhD supervisor

  • The Beaker Phenomenon in Northern Britain
    • Co-supervisor
  • Investigation of the relationship between diet and skeletal markers of physiological stress
    • Primary supervisor
  • Bones of Transition: Faunal Examination of Iron Age-Roman Zooarchaeological Assemblages from East Wear Cliff, Kent.
    • Secondary supervisor
  • Entheseal Changes: Occupation-Related Musculoskeletal Stress Markers.
    • Secondary supervisor
  • Diet and Dentition on the Black Sea: An Examination of Dental Health and Dietary Reconstruction at Ancient Mesambria
    • Primary supervisor
  • Reconstructing Human-Animal-Relationships in Eastern Mongolia and Beyond through integrating Zooarchaeology and Stable Isotope Analysis
    • Secondary supervisor
  • Diet and wellbeing on Belarusian lands from Middle Ages to Modern Time (10th-19th centuries CE)
    • Co-Supervisor

Past PhD students supervised

  • MScR
    • Coarse Stone Tools in Mesolithic Britain      
    • Primary supervisor
    • Completed 2022 
  • MScR
    • Plant Use in Mesolithic Britain
    • Primary supervisor
    • Completed 2022  
  • PhD
    • Determining ‘Age at Death’. A New Multidisciplinary Laboratory Method based on Ribs. 
    • Primary supervisor
    • Completed 2020  
  • MScR
    • New People, New Pots, New Worlds: The Beaker Phenomenon in Northern Britain and the Near Continent
    • Joint supervisor
    • Completed 2020  
  • PhD
    • The Geoarchaeology of Burnt Mounds: site formation processes, patterns, and duration
    • Primary supervisor
    • Completed 2019  
  • MPhil
    • Methods to Determine South African Holocene Seasonal Shellfish Use through Sclerochronology and O-isotope Analysis at the World Heritage Site, Pinnacle Point, Mossel Bay, South Africa. 
    • Joint supervisor
    • Completed 2019  
  • PhD
    • The Archaeology of St Kilda 
    • Primary supervisor
    • Completed 2019 


  • Michopoulou, Effrosyni
  • MScR
    • Age estimation using thin sections of clavicles from a modern Balkan autopsy sample. 
    • Secondary supervisor
    • Completed 2018 
  • Gomez, Julieta
    • PhD
    • Age estimation using thin sections of ribs from a modern Greek autopsy sample 
    • Secondary supervisor
    • link 
  • Caldeira, Claudia
    • PhD
    • Stable isotopes in archaeology: the role of δ34S in the interpretation of ancient populations 
    • Joint supervisor
    • Completed 2017 
  • Stetkiewicz, Scott
    • PhD
    • Iron production in the Iron Age in the nearer continent and Britain: a scientific analysis of smelting systems 
    • Secondary supervisor
    • Completed 2017 
  • Martha Lorenzen
    • PhD
    • Earthen Architecture in Bronze Age Crete 
    • Secondary supervisor
    • Completed 2017 
  • Langstaff, Helen
    • PhD
    • Heritability of facial morphology 
    • Secondary supervisor
    • Completed 2016 
  • Ritchie, Graham
    • PhD
    • Changing Coastal Landscapes of Sicily: the impact of sea-level change, natural catastrophe and geomorphological modification of the Sicilian coastline on the visibility of archaeological evidence for human occupation 
    • Secondary supervisor
    • Completed 2016 
  • Tom Gardner
    • MScR
    • Site Ecology and Environment at the Bradford Kaims 
    • Primary supervisor
    • Completed 2015 
  • Groom, Peter
    • PhD
    • An Experimental Study of Mesolithic Fishing Practices in Western Scotland 
    • Secondary supervisor
    • Completed 2014  


  • PhD
    • From raw materials to construction. Cremation technology and ritual in Bronze Age Scotland 
    • Secondary supervisor
    • Completed 2014  
  • MScR
    • Medieval Cod bone analysis, with specific reference to the North-Eastern coast of England and South East Scotland 
    • Secondary supervisor
    • Completed 2011 


  • Ritchie, Graham
    • PhD
    • Chronological and regional variability in chipped stone assemblages from Northern Britain 
    • Secondary supervisor
    • Completed 2010 

Research summary


  • Britain & Ireland
  • Europe
  • Near East


  • Bioarchaeology & Human Origins
  • Material Culture
  • Medicine, Science & Technology


  • Prehistory

Research interests

My research interests focus on analytical chemistry in archaeology, biomolecular archaeology, archaeogenetics and coastal archaeology and prehistoric fishing practices. Current research projects include:  

  • Characterisation of archaeological materials through optical microscopy, SEM-EDS and XRD/XRF
  • Palaeodietary reconstruction and animal husbandry practices determined by stable isotope analysis
  • Sulphur isotope analysis as a discriminant variable in palaeodietary reconstruction
  • Investigation of the Late Glacial and Early Holocene occupation of western Scotland  



Benjamin, J., Bonsall, C., Pickard, C. and Fischer, A. (eds) 2011. Underwater Archaeology and the Submerged Prehistory of Europe. Oxford: Oxbow.


Journal Articles


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Book Chapters


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Other Outputs & Service Contracts


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