Carlos Sánchez Soriano

Thesis title: The genomics of birth parameters and cardiometabolic disease.

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Queen's Medical Research Institute (QMRI)
The University of Edinburgh Medical School
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I studied my BSc in Biotechnology in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. For my final project, I designed and developed viral agroinfiltration vectors for enhanced transient protein expression in plants.

I came to Edinburgh after graduating. I started my MSc in Animal Biosciences in the University of Edinburgh in 2017, due to my interests in animal science, pathology and epidemiology. During this time, I became enamored with data science, and the independence and creative freedom it brings to the researcher. For my thesis, I analyzed a rabies mass dog vaccination campaign in Sri Lanka, assessing its coverage and identifying factors preventing owners from attending the assembled vaccination clinics.

During half of 2019, I worked in the Hospital for Small Animals in Easter Bush. Apart from laboratory work obtaining and storing patient and donor samples, I performed analyses on different rabies prevention and vaccination efforts in low and middle income countries. This allowed me to hone my data science skills while being embedded in a research environment.

In 2019 I started my PhD in Precision Medicine in the University of Edinburgh, with a project titled: The genomics of birth parameters and cardiometabolic disease. We are set to identify any relationship between early life parameters and the development of cardiometabolic diseases during the late life. This investigation will be done from both the phenotypic and genotypic points of view. The goal is to develop a framework for adult disease risk based on neonatal parameters. This project is allowing me to continue developing my bioinformatics skills, and to learn lots of new ones with the introduction of big data and genomic analyses.



2018 - MSc in Animal Biosciences - University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

2016 - BSc in Biotecnology - Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain.