Carla Soto Quintana

Performance Analyst


Carla is the Performance Analyst within the Prospective Student Web Content Team in Communications and Marketing.

Liaising with service managers across the University she identifies reporting and analytics opportunities that support the enhancement of the online student experience.  

Carla primarily uses business and website analytics tools to provide insight and support data driven decision making in a range of user research, content design, and technical projects within the team. She is proficient in the use of statistical analysis and processing tools and languages like R and SQL. 

Previous roles

Before joining the University, Carla worked as an early stage researcher at the University of York working on the analysis of ancient proteins.

Additionally, Carla has experience working as a Systems Analyst, with a focus on continuous improvement and software development.


Carla has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and postgraduate degrees in Archaeological Materials Science.

Project activity

Carla works across a range of projects in the team providing data analysis and insights from website analytics and other data sources within the University.

Projects include: 

Additionally, Carla has worked on the development of reports and dashboards for other teams in the University to aid in trend analysis and gather actionable insights that can help improve our services. 

Carla also represents the interest of the Prospective Student Web Content Team in the University-wide project for the migration and implementation of Google Analytics 4 (GA4).  

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