Brandon James Tang

Thesis title: Anglo-American Discourses on Federalism and Political Centralization, 1880s-1900s.


I completed my Bachelor's Degree in History (with a minor in Economics) at California State University, Stanislaus from 2014-2018, finishing my senior year with a thesis which "defended" the role of the Catholic Church in the Copernican Revolution.

In 2020, I graduated from the same university with a Master's Degree in History, having done most of my graduate research in the realm of the late British Empire.

Undergraduate teaching

Previously, I have tutored for "Historian's Toolkit (HIST08032)" [FALL 2021] and "Global Connections Since 1450 (HIST08041)" [SPRING 2022].

For the academic year of 2022-2023, I will also be tutoring for "History of the United States (HIST08045)" [FALL 2022] and "Global Connections Since 1450 (HIST08041)" [SPRING 2023].

Research summary

My research experience has primarily concerned empire, political thinking, culture, and literature in the English-speaking world during the 19th and 20th centuries.

My dissertation for the History PhD at Edinburgh focuses on the role which Anglo-American "interactions" (correspondence, published print, lecture tours, etc.) played in the development of political thinking (mostly that of federalism) in the United States and British Empire during the period of the late nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth.