Dr Beatrijs de Groot (PhD)

Teaching Fellow in European Archaeology


I obtained my BA and MA (Research) degrees in Mediterranean and Near Eastern Archaeology from the Leiden University, Faculty of Archaeology (2005-2012), after which I conducted my PhD research at the UCL Institute of Archaeology (2012-2016).

My PhD was part of the Marie Curie FP7 funded 'Bridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic (BEAN)' project, which combined archaeology, computational modelling and aDNA research to study the spread of farming to Europe.

More recently I worked as an assistant archaeologist for UCL Archaeology South-East and as an assistant curator of the 'Stonehenge' touring exhibition (UCL, MuseumsPartner GmbH). 

Undergraduate teaching

Guest lecturer for Archaeology 2A and Theoretical Archaeology (ARCA10064)

Course organiser: The Archaeology of Technology: from prehistory to the present (ARCA10094)

Postgraduate teaching

Course organiser: The Archaeology of Technology: from prehistory to the present (online) (PGHC11547) 2022/23

Guest lecturer for The Origins of Agriculture: Reconsidering the Neolithic (Online: PGHC11511) 2021/22

Course organiser: The Archaeology of Technology: from prehistory to the present (PGHC11524) 2021/22

Research summary


  • Mediterranean


  • Material Culture


  • Prehistory

Research interests

European and Mediterranean Prehistory, Technology and Society, Craft Production, Long-Term Cultural Dynamics, Ceramic Petrography, Material Knowledge, Spread of Farming

Current research activities

My most recent work 'Economies of innovation: tracing the potter's wheel in Iron Age SW Europe' examines the varied levels of adoption of the potter's wheel in southern Europe during the first millennium BCE. I explore the socio-economic conditions underpinning its adoption and study how the potter's wheel transformed the organisation of ceramic production and consumption patterns in the long term. 

I use ceramic petrography to study long-term changes in clay recipes alongside the adoption of the potter's wheel, as well as spatial statistics to examine shifts in settlement and networks before during and after this technological change. 

Research projects

I am currently involved in a number of research projects:

  • Archaeological excavation of an Iron Age promontory fort at Peña Castiel (Luarca, Spain), Incipit, CSIC.
  • The adoption of the potter's wheel in NW Iberia (Monte Bernorio, La Loma, El Cerrito), IMBEAC.
  • Iron Age ceramic technology at El Castru, Vigaña (Asturias, Spain), Incipit, CSIC.
  • Ceramic Technology at the Heuneburg, Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, Stuttgart.
  • The many lives of Chikaba's jar: biography of an 18th century pot from a convent in Salamanca, Spain, Incipit, CSIC.
  • Technology of Neolithic ceramics from Tell Yunatsite (Bulgaria)

Completed projects:

  • Barcin Höyük Excavation Project (ceramic petrography specialist; 2014-2017)
  • Ceramic assemblages of Early Neolithic Bulgaria (ceramic petrography; 2012-2016)


Knowledge exchange

'Stonehenge: ancient mysteries and modern discoveries' travelling exhibition (assistant curator).


de Groot, B.G., Braekmans, D., Fernández-Götz, M., Hansen, L., Stegmaier, G., Krausse, D., forthcoming, Technological dynamics of Early Iron Age ceramics from the Heuneburg (SW Germany): A synthesis of 50 years of research.

Canos Donnay, S. and B.G. de Groot, forthcoming. The many lives of Chikaba's jar. Selected Papers in Ancient Art and Architecture (SPAAA)

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de Groot, B.G. 2021. Material Methods: Considering ceramic raw materials and the spread of the potter's wheel in Early Iron Age southern Iberia. IANSA (Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica) 12(2): http://iansa.eu/papers/IANSA-2021-02-groot_onlinefirst.pdf

de Groot, B.G. and D. González‐Álvarez. 2021. Autonomous but not isolated: A petrographic study of Iron Age ceramics from a ‘deep-rural’ community in Asturias (NW Iberia). Archaeometry 64(1), 100-117. https://doi.org/10.1111/arcm.12695

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de Groot, B.G. 2013. Hybriditeit in tijden van kolonisatie: wat greyware kan vertellen over de Phoenicische kolonisatie van het Iberisch Schiereiland. Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie 49, 41-46.



de Groot, B.G. 2019. Clay recipes, pottery typologies, and the Neolithisation of SE Europe; a case study from Džuljunica-Smărdeš. In: Amicone, S., Quinn, P., Radivojević, M., Marić, M., Mirković, N. (Eds.), Tracing pottery making recipes in the Balkans, 6th–4th millennium BC. Archaeopress: Oxford, 54-64.



Parker Pearson, M. and de Groot, B.G. 2018. Stonehenge (exhibition catalogue). MuseumsPartner GmbH, ISBN 978-3-9504664-3-0.