Avinash Bansode (MBBS (India), Postgraduate Certificate in Mindfulness Based Approaches, Bangor University, MBCT for Life Trainer, Oxford, UK)

Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain


My main background is in Medicine and Buddhist Psychology, especially with Mindfulness-Based Approaches (MBA's).  With 25 years of training in mindfulness and medicine through leading Universities in the UK (Bangor and Oxford) and India (Mumbai and Pune), I have established a career in teaching mindfulness that I deeply love and passionately share.

After years of practising as a GP, I decided to embark on a full-time mindfulness teaching role as my interest has always been in preventative and integrative medicine. Currently, I work as an Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain at The University of Edinburgh and a visiting Mindfulness Teacher at Queen Margaret University, offering systematic training in mindfulness.

With our mindfulness champions, we have rolled out ‘Mindfulness Initiative’ within the Edinburgh University to support staff and students health and well-being. For individual and organisational well-being, I believe we need to bring together both an eastern meditative/contemplative approach and the western scientific/psychological approach. This 'Integrated Way'; which I call 'KAMAL' (Kind And Mindful Approach to Living) surely enhances deeper peace and resilience. Thousands of scientific papers suggest mindfulness-based approaches are effective, life-enhancing and front-line interventions to deal with challenges.

Based in Edinburgh, I have offered both MBCT/MBSR programmes all over Scotland to thousands of people and major organisations like NHS, Scottish Government, Amazon, Skyscanner, Standard Life, and Universities. I am a UK Registered Mindfulness Teacher and I adhere to Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers in the UK.  I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Mindfulness Based Approaches (MBA’s) from Bangor University, UK.  Outside of my teaching role, I continue to integrate mindfulness and creativity into my friendships, cooking skills, parenting (with 5yrs old son) and playing cricket.


MBBS (Mumbai, India)

Masters in Mindfulness-Based Approaches, Bangor University, UK

MBCT for Life Trainer, Oxford, UK

Responsibilities & affiliations

Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain

Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer 


Oxford University