Arcellia Farosyah Putri (BN, MSc, PhD, RN, AFHEA)

Thesis title: A Realist Exploration of Emergency Nurses' Role Transition in a Major Emergency Department in Indonesia


Arcel has always been passionate about emergency and disaster area. Upon her graduation, she continues to craft her CV and professional development within those two areas. She has served and taught in emergency and disaster area. She commits to actively contribute to the development of emergency and disaster nursing education and improve such services in Indonesia. She has worked collaboratively with Indonesian government bodies such as Ministry of Health, professional organisations, and related international parties such as Japan International Cooperation Agency in informing policy, developing national curriculum and standard, and delivering training. She is also a contributor of Indonesian emergency and disaster nursing textbooks and workbooks.  


Academic Qualifications

  • PhD, Nursing Studies, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • MSc, Advanced Nursing Practice, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Ners (Ns), Professional Degree in Nursing, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
  • SKep (BN), Bachelor of Nursing, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Professional Qualifications

  • AFHEA, Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy, United Kingdom 
  • Registered Nurse, Indonesia

Responsibilities & affiliations

  • Research Fellow, YARNS Project, University of Edinburgh
  • Board Member, Indonesian Emergency and Disaster Nurses Association
  • Member, Realist and Meta-narrative Evidence Synthesis group

Undergraduate teaching


Tutor: Nursing Life Sciences. Nursing Studies, University of Edinburgh.

Demonstrator: Clinical Skills related to Nursing Life Sciences. Nursing Studies, University of Edinburgh.


  • Tutor: Oxygenation and thermoregulation module. Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia.
  • Tutor: Circulation module. Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia.
  • Tutor: Integrated disaster module for healthcare clustered students. University of Indonesia.
  • Demonstrator: Laboratory based simulation for oxygenation and thermoregulation related skills. Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia.
  • Coordinator and demonstrator: Laboratory based simulation for circulation related skills. Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia.
  • Coordinator and clinical instructor: Nursing student clinical placement programme in emergency department and ICU. Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia.
  • Co-coordinator and clinical instructor: Nursing student clinical placement programme in medical-surgical ward. Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia.
  • Co-supervisor: Undergraduate thesis. Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia.

Postgraduate teaching


Clinical Instructor: Nursing student clinical placement programme in surgical ward. Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia.

Research summary

  • Emergency and disaster care
  • Practice education and development
  • Evidence-based policy and practice
  • Evaluation research
  • Realist evaluation and review


Current research interests

clinical education; practice development; advanced practice roles; nurse-physician collaboration; evidence-based practice and policy; realist evaluation; realist review.

Project activity

YARNS - Young Adults Rehabilitation experiences and Needs following Stroke

This project aims to explore and understand the experiences of young people who have had a stroke and how they adjust and adapt to the new normal of their lives.

  1. We aim to do this by finding individual and family stories that people have recorded on social media
    • Searching YouTube, blogs, podcasts, Twitter, Instagram and other channels
    • Inviting and helping people to share their stories
  2. Analysing content already published on this topic, searching and scoping out the academic and clinical literature  
  3. Reviewing the rehabilitation services, support and resources for young adults following stroke across the UK:
    • The NHS
    • Private health and social care
    • Community and third sector providers

Conference details

Postgraduate Research Conference. 2019. Realist analysis: unpacked key strategies to underpin nurse's continuous professional development of one major Indonesia emergency department, Edinburgh, UK (Oral Presentation)

Invited speaker

National Nursing Webinar: Triage During Pandemic COVID-19. 2020. Indonesian National Nurses Association.

International Nursing Conference:  Crafting The Route to Emergency Nursing Specialisation in Indonesia. 2018. Surakarta Health Polytechnic, Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia.

National Nursing Seminar: Disaster Nursing Care Plan. 2016. Indonesian Health Center.


Scientific Committee. 2016. The 4th Academic Conference of World Society of Disaster Nursing (WSDN).

Secretary. 2015. International Nursing Conference. University of Indonesia


  • Royal College of Nursing. International Nursing Research Conference. 2019. Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Elsevier. 3rd Global Conference on Emergency Nursing and Trauma Care. 2018. Netherlands.
  • Scholarship awardee, Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education, Indonesian Ministry of Finance. 2016.
  • Scholarship awardee, Indonesian Ministry of Higher Education. 2012. 

Wijoyo, E.B., Susanti, H., Panjaitan, R.U., Putri, A.F. (2020). Nurses’ perception about posttraumatic growth (PTG) after natural disasters. BMC Proc 14, 19. DOI:

Salawali, S. H., Susanti, H., Daulima, N. H. C., & Putri, A. F. (2020). Posttraumatic growth in adolescent survivors of earthquake, tsunami, and liquefaction in Palu Indonesia: a phenomenological study. Pediatric Reports, 12(1s). DOI:

H. Susanti, A.Y.S. Hamid, S. Mulyono, A.F. Putri, Y.A. Chandra. (2019). Expectations of survivors towards disaster nurses in Indonesia: A qualitative study. International Journal of Nursing Sciences. DOI: