Andrzej Romaniuk (MSc (Archaeology), MSc (Osteoarchaeology) / now PhD)

Thesis title: Rethinking established methodology in micromammal taphonomy: Archaeological case studies from Orkney, UK (4rd millennium BC – 15th century AD)


A double master degree holder (MA in archaeology & MSc in osteoarchaeology), recently awarded a PhD in micromammal archaeology (Viva on 5th Oct). In the past six years I have worked mainly with micromammal remains from Orcadian archaeological sites, assessing and developing methods for micromammal archaeology, biology and  taphonomy. Passed the viva on 5 Oct with minor corrections. See CV for further details.


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- Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PR186097)

- Edinburgh Teaching Award (Cat. 1)

- "Developing your data skills, level 3" (advanced UoE upskilling course, R)

Responsibilities & affiliations

School of History, Classics & Archaeology (UoE) - Lab Demonstrator (2017-2020), Research Assistant (2020-2021)

Natural Sciences (NMS) - Research Associate (from 2017)

Undergraduate teaching

2018 to 2020 - Lab Demonstrator for hands-on sessions with human remains

Postgraduate teaching

2017 to 2020 - Lab Demonstrator for Msc courses in Osteoarchaeology

Research summary

- micromammal archaeology

- coprolite analysis

- morphometrics

- statistical analysis

- statistical programming

Current research interests

Currently concentrating on publishing the outcome of my thesis and looking for future funding opportunities.

Past research interests

- Animal iconography - Regional archaeology (Hellenistic Near East, Bronze age China) - Field archaeology

Project activity




Past project grants

School Doctoral Scholarship (2017-2020)
School Master's Scholarship (2014-2015)


AEA autumn conference, Edinburgh 2017


1 - AEA autumn conference, Edinburgh 2017

2 - ICAZ international conference, Ankara 218

3 - NEBARSS student symposiom, Manchaster 2018

4 - ICAZ Microvertebrate Group meeting, Terragona 2020 (online)


Papers delivered

1 - AEA: “Of rodents and men” - The evolution and nature of human-micromammal relationships in prehistoric Orkney and Scotland

2 - ICAZ: Micromammals, humans and environments – long-term perspectives on humanmicromammal relationships on Orkney, Scotland: Preliminary interpretations

3 - NEBARSS: Exploring micromammal remains from Neolithic sites (Skara Brae settlement site, Orkney)

4 - ICAZ MVG:  Statistics, taphonomy and representativeness: Making the most out of archaeological micromammal assemblages

Romaniuk, A.A., Panciroli, E., Buckley, M. et al.  2020 Combined visual and biochemical analyses confirm depositor and diet for Neolithic coprolites from Skara Brae. Archaeol Anthropol Sci Vol. 12 is. 274;

Romaniuk, A.A., Shepherd, A.N., Clarke, D.V., Sheridan, A.J., Fraser, S., Bartosiewicz L. & J.S. Herman 2016 Rodents: food or pests in Neolithic Orkney. Royal Society Open Science Vol. 3 is. 10 160514;