Andrew Stoddart

Senior Health Economist

Current project grants

Scale-up BP: Implementing evidence-based hypertension research at scale.
(2015-2017, Co-investigator, PI: Brian McKinstry, University of Edinburgh)

Investigating the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of novel component resolved diagnostic tests for food allergy: a systematic review.
(2016-2017, Co-investigator, PI: Aziz Sheik, University of Edinburgh)

Behavioural Couples Therapy as an adjunct to opioid substitution therapy for drug dependent parents: A feasibility study.
(2016-2018, Co-investigator, PI: Anne Whitaker, Napier University)

Improving outcomes for children and families affected by paternal substance misuse: A feasibility study of the Parents Under Pressure (PuP) programme for fathers.
(2017-2018, Co-investigator, PI: Anne Whitaker, Napier University)

Supporting people with palliative and end-of-life care needs “out of hours”: a mixed-methods study of needs, demand and experiences to inform person-centred service developments.
(2017-2019, Co-investigator, PI: Bruce Mason, University of Edinburgh)

ELVIS Kids: A randomised controlled trial of hypertonic saline nose drops in children with upper respiratory tract infections.
(2017-2020, Co-investigator, PI: Sandeep Ramlingham, University of Edinburgh)

PIB CAP: Pneumonia investigation bundle to guide therapy for hospitalised community acquired pneumonia.
(2018-2022, Co-investigator, PI: Adam Hills, University of Edinburgh)