Andrew Illius


1977 Ph.D., University of Nottingham
1977-79 Postdoctoral fellow, Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria
1979 Joined University of Edinburgh
1998 Reader in Ecology
2000 Professor of Animal Ecology

Research summary

I work on plant-herbivore interactions, at physiological, individual and population levels. The work covers foraging behaviour; diet selection, the control of food intake, digestion and metabolism. Recent work addresses individual and population responses to the temporal and spatial pattern of resources and the dynamics of temperate and semi-arid grazing systems. My objective is to establish a mechanistic understanding of how the underlying physiological and behavioural processes affect individual and population responses to the biotic and abiotic environment. The work spans a number of disciplines, combines experimental and modelling techniques, and is pursued through extensive collaborative links.

Current projects include work on savanna dynamics in relation to climatic variability; browse production and utilisation in semi-arid grazing systems; tree-grass interactions in savanna; a test of hypotheses about the relationship between resource heterogeneity and ungulate population dynamics.

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