Adrian Jackson

Senior Research Fellow

Postgraduate teaching

I am the course organiser for Performance Programming and lecture on HPC Architectures, Programming Skills, and Fundamentals of Data Management at EPCC.

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Areas of interest for supervision

I supervise a range of PhD student, generally around my subject areas of high performance computing, computing hardware, and optimising applications. Often students work at the interface between research and application, so optimising codes or algorithms for high performance computing.

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During my career I have developed a range of courses for industry or for specific areas. These have included courses associated with the ARCHER and ARCHER2 HPC systems, from Fortran training, through to Performance Optimisation and Data Analytics, Python, and Software Carpentry. I've also provide similar courses to businesses and external organisations to train small groups of employees.

In concert with research, I've also developed a number of tutorials for conferences, often around high performance  I/O and novel storage systems. These have been presented at conferences such as SuperComputing (SC) and International SuperComputing (ISC).