Abel Jansma

Thesis title: Higher-order interactions in single-cell expression data


In my research, I think about genetic interactions.  We usually think about interactions between pairs of genes, but what does an interaction between three genes look like? Do these higher-order interactions affect the behaviour of cells?  I try to answer these questions by combining intuition from physics, knowledge from biology, and techniques from mathematics. 


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  • MSc. in Theoretical Physics - University of Amsterdam & Free University Amsterdam
    • Visiting student at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen
  • BSc. in Physics and Astronomy - University of Amsterdam
    • graduated with honours, and a minor in Computational Science
  • Propedeuse in Art, Technology, and New Media Design
    • HKU University of the Arts Utrecht



  • CSHL Network Biology 2021 (Poster)
  • European Mathematical Genetics Meeting 2021 (Long talk)
  • CSHL Biology of Genomes 2021 (Poster)


  • International Conference on Computational Semantics 2021
  • Genome Informatics 2020
  • Applied Category Theory 2020