Abel Jansma

Thesis title: Predictive models off cell state change in health and disease


After a year of art school in Utrecht, I went on to study physics and astronomy at the University of Amsterdam.  I then obtained a master's degree in theoretical physics, partly in Amsterdam, and partly in Copenhagen. I concluded this programme with a year of research on the role of affine Lie algebra's in certain descriptions of the Ising model. This resulted in my thesis, which is available here: https://esc.fnwi.uva.nl/thesis/centraal/files/f1541951402.pdf

My research now is less disconnected from my previous experience than the project title might suggest - I work on certain types of machine learning algorithms that are inspired by the aforementioned Ising model, and how to use them to learn interactions between biological variables. This could result in a biological understanding of the systems that goes beyond pairwise correlations, bordering on causality. We are currently trying to understand what I mean by bordering.