Anita Tobar Henríquez

Postdoctoral Research Associate


I study how people use language during dialogue, and how variation in language use is affected by individual, interpersonal, and community-level influences. I approach this by using experimental group-level comparisons, individual differences studies, and the combination of both. I am all in for Open Science, of course. In fact, check and, where you'll find materials and analyses of my recent publications and ongoing research projects.

I am currently collaborating in the ESRC-funded project 'Conversational alignment in children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition and typically developing children'. 


PhD in Psychology of Language (University of Edinburgh)

MSc in Psychology of Language (University of Edinburgh)

MSc in Cognitive Science (Universidad de Chile)

BSc in Linguistics & Literature (Universidad de Chile)

Research summary

Psycholinguistics, dialogue, linguistic accommodation, lexical entrainment, individual differences, linguistic interaction in atypical development, schizophrenia, autism.