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Study sheds light on side effects of medicines

Fresh insights into key hormones found in commonly prescribed medicines have been discovered, providing further understanding of the medicines’ side effects.

Gene experts set to tackle pest control

rats and rubbish on the floor
Experts are to investigate how genetic techniques could be applied to help control pest species.

Nerve cell study sheds light on movement disorders

Microscope image of the junction between a nerve cell and a muscle
Fresh insights into the links between nerve and muscle cells could transform our understanding of the human nervous system and conditions relating to impaired movement.

Brain cell advance brings hope for CJD

human stem-cell derived astrocytes in culture
Scientists have developed a new system to study Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the laboratory, paving the way for research to find treatments for the fatal brain disorder.

Chimp study sheds light on brain evolution

A chimp scratching its head
Chimpanzee brains may be more different from those of humans than was previously thought, according to new analysis of images from an existing bank of brain scans.

Heart therapy hope as drug blocks muscle scarring

Scarred heart muscle
A potential treatment to prevent deadly muscle scarring that contributes to chronic heart failure has been uncovered by scientists.

Worms aid quest for asthma therapies

People with asthma could be helped by a new therapy based on a molecule produced by parasitic worms, research suggests.

Cystic fibrosis study offers therapy hope

Human lungs ©
Fresh insights into how cystic fibrosis affects immune cells could pave the way for new treatments for the condition.

Drug targeting could aid immune diseases

Microscopy images of living zebrafish with red macrophages show that the drug (yellow spots) is preferentially released in cells
A new technique that targets drugs to specific cells could lead to improved therapies for diseases caused by an overactive immune response.

Antioxidant could boost cell-based therapies

Cell therapies being developed to treat a range of conditions could be improved by a chemical compound that aids their survival, research suggests.

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