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Digital research facilitation

Digital Research Services offer a single point of access for all data and computing services available to researchers at the University of Edinburgh. We can help you find the right resources and support for every stage of the research lifecycle.

Digital Research Services (DRS) are here to support all researchers: we offer a collection of information on the digital tools and services offered by Information Services Group and other providers, as well as tailored support in using these. We also organise regular training and networking events, so you can develop your digital skills, scale up your research and become part of our digital research community. We recognise that there is no one-size fits all approach and will work with you and the service providers to find the best fit for your research.


Examples of DRS tools and services


Resource finder

The Resource Finder summarises the available data and computing tools and support teams available to researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

Resource finder - an interactive resource to help you identify the digital tool best suited for your research project


Research computing funding checklist

This list will help you account for the costs of the digital elements of your project. It is important to think about this when submitting a funding application. 

Research computing funding checklist - items to consider when applying for funds


CMVM Research Computing Overview

This course on Learn offers a short but comprehensive overview of the key computing resources, organised by research lifecycle, including helpful information, links and tips. 

CMVM Research Computing Overview - introduction to the computing resources provided by DRS


Safe Havens

We understand the need for data to be stored or achieved securely. We work closely with safe haven providers, such as EPCC, and can support you in meeting the required security standards for your research.

EPCC - high performance computing and data analytics facilities



Eddie is a high performance computer cluster. It is an ideal resource for analysing large amount of data, and the standard allocation is free for researchers. 

Eddie - the University's research computer cluster



Eleanor is the University’s cloud service for research. You can create a virtual environment configured to your exact requirements. 

Eleanor - the University's cloud service for research



DataStore offers secure storage for active data. Space can be used individually or pooled together to share with a group. 

DataStore - secure data storage



This is a “Dropbox”-like service, so you can share data securely with collaborators anywhere in the world. 

DataSync - a file hosting service


Sarah Janac – Research Facilitator for CMVM

If you would like to discuss your project, or get tailored advice and support, you can get in touch with our Research Facilitator for CMVM. Sarah works closely with the existing data managers, research offices and service providers across the University. With a medical background and academic experience, she can understand the requirements of your project. In particular, Sarah can help with the following:

  • Clarify data and compute requirements
  • Meet funder requirements
  • Get support planning and conducting projects
  • Scale up your projects
  • Develop your digital research skills
  • Improve your data management plans
  • Communicate your research
  • Develop your network

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