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Historic Day for Polish Medicine at The University of Edinburgh

On Wednesday 23rd October 2013, nine Polish medical universities and two research Institutes signed Memoranda of Understanding with the University’s College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, further developing academic links in the field of postgraduate study and collaborative research.

Historic Day for Polish Medicine at The University of Edinburgh

This was the culmination of a two-day meeting, and builds on the success of the current Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund scholarship programme.

Building on past achievements

The Memorial Fund was established by the graduates and friends of the Polish School of Medicine (1941-49) and thanks largely to their on-going generosity and support now has a capital value of over £2.62 million (as at June 2013). Since 1988 more than 65 talented, early career Polish medical scientists have come to Edinburgh under the aegis of the Fund, and returned home to Poland to share their new found knowledge and skills with their academic colleagues to the benefit of Polish medicine and the health of the Polish nation. This new initiative will enable more scholars drawn from across Poland to come to Edinburgh.

This was an historic meeting, akin to the establishment of the Polish School of Medicine in 1941, and we look forward to many exciting developments while in collaboration with all the Universities and research institutes represented at the meeting.

Maria Dlugolecka-GrahamCo-ordinator, Polish School of Medicine, University of Edinburgh