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Video collection launched for health lecture series

A new video collection of the Lets Talk About Health: Understanding Disease series is now available online.

An Optima researcher examines a specimen


Doctor Mandy Drake and Professor Nik Morton from the University of Edinburgh / BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Science discuss how our genes and environment contribute to obesity.

Obesity – how do our genes contribute?

Dr Richard Weller from the MRC Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh and Dr Darren Shaw, Royal (Dick) Vet School / The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, discuss new research that is shedding new (sun) light on the benefits and risks of sun exposure.

Let sunshine into your heart

Professor Timothy Walsh and Professor Adriano Rossi from the MRC Centre for Inflammation Research at the University of Edinburgh discuss new collaborative work by clinicians and scientists experimenting in clinical and laboratory settings to help us better understand the underlying inflammatory processes that lead to ARDS lung injury. 

A Proteus project scientist in the lab

Treating injured lungs by extinguishing inflammation

Professor Sarah Howie from the MRC Centre for Inflammation Research and Professor Heather Cubie, HPV Research Group, at the University of Edinburgh discuss  the progress and challenges in research into HR-HPV and cervical disease and ongoing research involving local specialists and the community in Malawi.

Cervical cancer, vaccines and how to help the reproductive health of the developing world

Dr Shareen Forbes and Professor Kevin Docherty discuss Type 1 diabetes and the impact the discovery of insulin has had on quality of life for people with diabetes.  New therapies being developed for people for whom insulin injections do not work are also discussed in this lecture.

New and Future Diabetes Therapies

Understanding what goes wrong in disease

Let's Talk About Health: Understanding Disease is a series of public lectures that runs annually from December through to March. It is aimed at senior school pupils interested in studying medicine, veterinary medicine or the life sciences at University as well as interested members of the general public and health professionals. The series allows scientists pioneering new research at the University of Edinburgh to share their latest ideas and discoveries with the public and provides attendees with the opportunity to advance their knowledge of health and what goes wrong in disease.

Understanding Disease is all about advancing our knowledge of health and what goes wrong in disease. These lectures provide a chance for anyone who is interested in health research to learn more about the progress we are making towards better treatments.

Professor Karen ChapmanUniversity of Edinburgh/British Heart Foundation Centre for Cardiovascular Science