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The Teaching Matters website and blog are spaces for debate about learning and teaching, for sharing ideas and approaches to teaching, and for showcasing our successes, including academic colleagues who are leading the way in delivering brilliant teaching.

In this post, Andy Cross and Sabine Rolle take up their new undergraduate programme at the Edinburgh Futures Institute to discuss the urgent need to integrate reflective practices at the level of the programme – outlining how, and why, reflection must be understood as a structural intervention within the learning environment. This post is part […]
Niamh Melvin, undergraduate student in English Literature, reflects on her Employ.ed internship at the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas, a University of Edinburgh involvement at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Niamh explores the processes of applying to and working at the internship, as well as developing a professional skill-set. This post is part of the Learning & […]
In this post, Dr Dave Laurenson and Prof Sabine Rolle explore the development of assessment and feedback at the programme level. They consider the scope of this big-picture perspective, and how effective programme design can re-imagine the way we teach and learn. Dave is Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of Engineering, and […]
In this post, Itamar Kastner and Rebekka Puderbaugh from  the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences offer a considered reflection of their Learning & Teaching Conference experience, and highlight areas where staff and students could benefit from more support from across the University. This post is part of the Learning and Teaching Conference Hot […]
In this post, Dr Sabine Rolle and Dr Neil Lent reflect on the purpose of assessment. This post is part of the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Theme: Assessment and Feedback Principles and Priorities. What is the purpose of assessment? Assessment is an integral part of what we do, and maybe we take it for granted. […]
In this blog post, Professor Tina Harrison provides an overview of the principles and priorities and why they were introduced. Tina is Assistant Principal Academic Standards and Quality Assurance. This is the first in a series of eight blog posts focusing on the recently developed Assessment and Feedback Principles and Priorities, which constitutes the Learning […]
In this post, Dr Benjamin Bateman, outlines recent work in advancing EDI initiatives in the School of Literatures, Languages, and Cultures (LLC). Benjamin is Lecturer in Post-1900 British Literature, and Director of People and Equalities for the School. This post is part of the L&T Enhancement Theme: Examples of positive practices in Equality, Diversity and […]
In this post, Fumiko Narumi-Munro, Atsuko Moriyama and Helen Parker, from the Asian Studies department, address the following question: When the year abroad is cancelled due to a global pandemic, what can be offered to language degree students with a compulsory year abroad as a part of their degree programme? This post is part of the […]
In this post, Mattia Zingaretti reviews research on “deep learning” to reflect on different approaches to learning and their impact on sustainable knowledge attainment. Mattia is an AHRC-funded PhD Researcher in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh. This post is part of Teaching Matters Leaning & Teaching Enhancement Theme: Books that inspire […]
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