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The Teaching Matters website and blog are spaces for debate about learning and teaching, for sharing ideas and approaches to teaching, and for showcasing our successes, including academic colleagues who are leading the way in delivering brilliant teaching.

In this post, Emmanuelle Lacore-Martin, a Lecturer in French in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, discusses the impact of Google translate on students’ language learning…  Translation has long been a integral part of language teaching in the Department of French and Francophone studies, from French into English and from English into French. The latter in […]
In this ‘Spotlight on Joint Degrees’ post, student Isabelle Sher reflects on her experience of studying as a Joint Honours student at The University of Edinburgh…. I am a second year Joint Honours student, studying English Literature and History. From the outset of my studies, I assumed that, as a Joint Honours student, I would be […]
In this post, Fumiko Naruni-Munro, Japanese Language Programme Director, describes the Japanese Studies cultural event, Gakuen-sai, meaning “campus festival” in Japanese, which aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop their understanding of Japanese culture outside of the curriculum. It is organised by Japanese Studies Peer Support (JSPS), and it gives those involved a deeper […]
In this post, Megan Jones, a 3rd year French and Linguistics student, showcases an innovative project in the Department of European Languages and Cultures, which supports students in their preparation for their year abroad, and was funded by the Student Partnership Agreement… Since 2018, I have been working alongside Veronique Desnain, Head of the Department of European […]
In this post, Annette Götzkes, a Senior Teaching Fellow in German Studies, shares the Widening Participation outreach work being undertaken by Literatures, Languages, and Cultures students in local secondary schools… Languages are boring, posh, difficult and irrelevant. These perceptions are the main driving force for the continuous decline of modern languages in secondary schools. What […]
In this post, Dr Stuart Dunmore, a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, describes his recent Go Abroad Staff experience at the Sorbonne Nouevelle in Paris, France, where he taught students about the use of Gaelic within and beyond the education system… Springtime in Paris, 2019: what a time and place […]
In this contribution to the Mini-Series on Academic Blogging, Francesca Vavotici,  a Gender and Equality PhD Intern at the Centre for Research Collections, explains how she developed a blog to document her internship, engage with a wider audience, and highlight the extensive collections archived in the University of Edinburgh… Before I was called for an interview at […]
In this post, Annette Götzkes, a Senior Teaching Fellow in German Studies, presents a new credited course, Language Beyond University, that she designed along with Dr Simon Riley…  For several years, the Department of European Languages and Cultures have been supporting first and second year university students to undertake extra-curricular activities in local Edinburgh secondary schools, offering […]
This post about the Joint Degree Project, by Chris Perkins, is a continuation of Jackie’s train of thought on best practice from late last year, so if you haven’t read that, please do…! Over the past few months, the team in the Joint Degrees Project have met with lots of people across the college, as you […]
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