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Imaging Innovation in Drug Discovery

ECRC Scientist is published in prestigious "Nature Reviews Cancer": April 2014

Congratulations to Dr Neil Carragher who is a corresponding author on the review paper entitled “Developments in preclinical cancer imaging: innovating the discovery of therapeutics”, recently published in the prestigious journal “Nature Reviews Cancer”.

Dr Carragher, who leads a Drug Discovery Group at the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre (ECRC) worked with colleagues from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and The Kinghorn Cancer Centre in Sydney, Australia to describe how the latest advances in automated image-based cell screening technologies combined with intravital in vivo imaging are poised to promote a new "phenotypic-led" approach for cancer drug discovery. This new approach promises to revolutionise the efficiency of discovering new cancer medicines by identifying more relevant preclinical model systems to develop and predict the most effective therapies to take forward into the clinic.

Many of the technologies described in the paper are used by ECRC scientists as an integral part of research at the Edinburgh Cancer Discovery Unit,where the ECRC is leading the way towards more effective approaches to cancer drug discovery.

To see the original review please click here.

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