Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Congratulations to Dr Paul Brennan

ECRC Researcher awarded the Lancet Prize 2014: March 2014

Dr Paul Brennan, an Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre scientist, Wellcome Trust funded Edinburgh Clinical Academic Training (ECAT) lecturer in the ECRC/Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, and lecturer at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, has recently been awarded the Lancet Prize 2014 for his research in the Young Investigator competition from the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Paul's entry into the competition was based on his research that identified a new form of glioma stem cells with high migratory potential. This discovery provides important new insights into the biology of glioma and may lead to advances in therapeutic approaches for this aggresive form of cancer.

More details about this award winning research can be found in the medical journal The Lancet. Click here to access the information. To learn more about Paul and his research please see his page on the ECRC website.