Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Flow cytometry facility

State-of-the-art Flow cytometry equipment, training and expertise.

Elisabeth Freyer, Stacey Riddles

The facility is managed and operated by an experienced Flow Cytometry Manager with more than 10 years of experience and can be accessed by all Institute of Genetics and Cancer researchers and their collaborators.  

The facility operates 2 flow cytometry analysers and 2 flow cytometry sorters.  The cost of accessing the facility is maintained in line with the average cost of other University of Edinburgh flow cytometry facilities.


Flow cytometer Lasers Fluorescent parameters Population sorts
BD Aria II 5 15 4
BD Jazz 2 2 2
BD Accuri 2 2 n/a
BD Fortessa 4 16 n/a



Elisabeth Freyer Facility Manager
Michael Rennie Flow Cytometry Technician


For more information on the services provided within the facility, please contact:

Time slots for all the cytometers can be booked by Institute researchers via the internal intranet booking system.