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State-of-the-art Flow cytometry equipment, training and expertise.

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Flow Cytometry is a powerful, laser-based technology, which can be used to analyse the physical, chemical and biological properties of individual cells or cellular components, and it permits the analysis of millions of cells in suspension, in a relatively small amount of time. 

The facility consists of two cell sorter and two Flow Cytometry analysers, in addition we can also provide access and support for FlowJo analysis software. The facility also houses the Chromium 10X single cell instrument.

Services offered by Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry team
Susan Campbell, Michael Rennie and Elisabeth Freyer


Elisabeth Freyer Facility Manager
Michael Rennie Flow Cytometry Specialist
Susan Campbell 10X Technician


For more information on the services provided within the facility, please contact:

Time slots for all the cytometers can be booked by Institute researchers via the internal intranet booking system.


The facility operates four instruments: Two cell sorters – BD FACS ARIA II & Beckman Coulter Cytoflex SRT and two analysers – BD FORTESSA X-20 & Beckman Coulter Cytoflex S.

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10x Facility

The Flow Cytometry Facility also provides a Chromium 10X single cell service to the institute.