Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Zebrafish facility

The MRC HGU Zebrafish Facility exists to support world class research using zebrafish, an exciting model organism and a rapidly growing area of research.

swimming zebrafish

Zebrafish are vertebrates which share 70% of their genes with humans so are an excellent system to study fundamental processes of genetics, including how genetic mutations cause human diseases such as cancer.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of animal husbandry and offer scientific expertise to assist with planning and implementation of zebrafish experiments. This support extends to practical assistance with training and carrying out one-off experiments, to longer term support for complex genetic disease models.

We have special expertise in supporting the use of zebrafish as a model organism for developmental genetics and biomedical research using genome editing technologies and advanced imaging techniques. The zebrafish facility is situated next to the AIR imaging suite, offering users direct access to the imaging stations. 

In addition to working with zebrafish focused labs, we encourage and support labs who may find zebrafish suitable for answering specific questions but have no prior zebrafish experience. This is aided by legislation enabling non-PIL holders to work with embryonic zebrafish before they reach protected status (5 days post fertilisation).

The facility maintains a wide array of zebrafish lines encompassing the model’s impressive and flexible genetic toolbox. These lines are available to all of our users and where possible maintained as communal lines to support Reduction in animal use.

The promotion of the use of zebrafish marries our dedication to facilitating the highest quality research with our strong commitment to the 3Rs, particularly in terms of Replacement.

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