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University of Edinburgh Library is a participant in the SHARES program, which began as a collaborative effort of the Research Libraries Group (RLG) over 20 years ago. One benefit of the program is that it gives students and staff of participating institutions on-site access to collections and services at the other SHARES institutions.

Library Membership

From Monday 7th February 2022 University of Edinburgh Libraries are fully open to all categories of external membership.

Please apply to access the library by e-mailing: (Please include in your email your existing card reference number starting ‘200..’ if applicable).

We will reply to you with important information for access within 7 days. Please wait for our reply before visiting our libraries.*

*We may not be able to process your membership if you do not follow these steps.*





UK participating institutions

SCONUL Access is now the main reciprocal access scheme for SHARES institutions in the UK. Staff and students from participating SHARES institutions in the UK should use the SCONUL Access scheme for access to University of Edinburgh Library instead.

All others

Membership Notes
Reference (consultation only) Free. Membership lasts for 1 year.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring the appropriate ID as outlined below. You will be unable to register unless you have all the requested documentation.

UK participating institutions

Please see information about required documentation and ID on joining the library via the SCONUL Access scheme:

All others

Membership Documentation
Reference (consultation only) Current institutional ID card AND proof of address.

* If your institutional ID card does not include a photograph you must also provide photographic ID. Proof of address must be dated within the last 3 months.

What does my card entitle me to?

Details of what your card entitles you to at the University Library can be found on the following page.


Your library card can be used in the Main Library and all site libraries. Access to departmental libraries or class libraries is not available.

Library opening hours

Library locations

Replacement cards (lost, stolen or expired)

If your reference card is lost, stolen or damaged you can get it replaced at a card helpdesk for a £10 fee.

If your card expires you must apply for a new one. To do this you must register with the library again and provide the required documentation as detailed above. All required documentation must be provided.

Replacement cards

WiFi Access

The University of Edinburgh is a member of the JANET Roaming Service, normally known as eduroam. Eduroam allows university staff and students of participating institutions to login at other eduroam participating institutions.

You must speak to your home institution's IT support before visiting University of Edinburgh, as you may have to register or set up the service at your home institution before being able to use it elsewhere.

Visitors to University of Edinburgh who are experiencing technical problems with eduroam should consult their home institution's IT support.

JANET roaming service (eduroam)

Privacy Notice for Library Self-Registration

This privacy notice explains what personal information the University holds about those joining as library members. It explains why we hold this information, what we do with it, how long we keep it for and if we share it with third parties.

Privacy Notice for Library Self-Registration 

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