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Visitors to the University of Edinburgh

The JANET Roaming Service (eduroam) enables visitors to the University of Edinburgh to gain access to the Internet using the same username and password as they use at their home institution.



  • Your home institution must be a member of the JANET Roaming service, or one of the other global eduroam federations.
  • You must be registered to use the eduroam service at your home institution.

Members of University of Edinburgh staff may register their visitors for guest WiFi service access if those visitors are unable to use the eduroam service.

Further information on non-eduroam guest WiFi access

Before you come to Edinburgh

Before you visit the University of Edinburgh, make sure you configure your device to work with the eduroam WiFi network at your home institution.

If your device can successfully connect to eduroam at your home institution you should not need to make any changes to use your device at the University of Edinburgh, or any other institution which supports eduroam.

Please note that we cannot assist you in configuring your WiFi device and can only answer questions regarding availability of the eduroam service in the University.

Important security note

It is your responsibility to take steps to ensure that you maintain your own data protection and privacy.

You should discuss this with and receive guidance from your home institution.

Depending on the facilities offered by your home institution, you may want to use a VPN to secure your network traffic; alternatively you may already deploy secure methods such as SSL VPNs or secure web pages for email (or perhaps other secure protocols such as SSH).

The eduroam WiFi network uses WPA2 security with AES encryption.

Acceptable use

The use of computing and network facilities while you are visiting the University of Edinburgh is covered by the University's Computing Regulations, your home institution's Acceptable Use Policies and Computing Regulations, and by the JANET Acceptable Use Policy.

As a visitor using these facilities you are bound to accept these conditions.

Details of the eduroam service

A list of locations covered by the University WiFi service is available. You can check this against the address you are visiting using the University campus maps see if there is WiFi coverage in that area.

Note also that it may also help to ask the members of the University you are visiting if WiFi is available in the areas to be visited - the service coverage is always being updated.

Once you have successfully connected to eduroam via the University WiFi service you will have unrestricted access to the internet.

Access to services on the University of Edinburgh network is limited to those specified on the following page:

If you need to access services which are not on this list, but which you can access from your home institution, then you will be able to access them by establishing a VPN connection to your home institution, or using a web proxy at your home institution.

Alternatively you can contact the service administrator to request that this service be made available to eduroam visitors to the University of Edinburgh.

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