School of History, Classics & Archaeology


This archive includes a list of historical Research Projects

Ancients & Moderns in Scottish Enlightenment

A project about the achievements of Scottish Enlightenment, funded by a Research Workshop Grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Alchester: New Light on the Roman Invasion of Britain

Archaeological fieldwork at Alchester, a project directed by staff in the School, has shed new light on Rome’s conquest of Britain.

Anthropological analysis of ancient populations from Ibiza, Spain

The project aims to reconstruct the physical characteristics and life history of various populations that lived in Ibiza, Spain.

Colouring the Nation

This three-year research project, directed by Dr Stana Nenadic of the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Dr David Caldwell of the National Museum of Scotland and with Dr Sally Tuckett as Post-doctoral Researcher, investigates the cultural and global impact of the Scottish textile industry since the nineteenth century.

Prehistoric Morgantina

Morgantina (Enna province, Sicily) is the location of a Final Bronze - Early Iron Age settlement (11th-8th centuries BC), represented by a series of dwellings on different parts of the Cittadella hill, which marks the eastern end of the Serra Orlando ridge, identified as the site of ancient Morgantina.

Police and Community in Twentieth-Century Scotland: a Social History

This two-year project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, is examining the relationship between police officers and the diverse urban and rural communities they have served in Scotland from 1900 until around 1971, assessing to what extent they were shaped by consent and co-operation as well as points of tension or conflict.