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Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society seminars

Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society seminars take place throughout the year and are open to all.

Seminar description

The Late Antique & Medieval Postgraduate Society (LAMPS) seminars showcase the work-in-progress of postgraduate students and recent graduates of all disciplines working within the Late Antique and Medieval periods. Papers are twenty minutes long, followed by ten to fifteen minutes of questions.

Time and location

This term our seminars will be on the theme of 'Magic, Miracles & the Mystical'. We will hold the seminars weekly on Mondays at 6:15 pm in person in Room 4.18, 40 George Square unless otherwise stated below. Online sessions will be held via Blackboard Collaborate, so like our Facebook page (@lampsedinburgh) or join our mailing list (e-mail us at for access to the link on weeks when the seminar will be held online.

Event schedule

Semester 2, 2022/23

Date Speaker Topic Format Register
Mon 6 Feb

Suf Amichay (University of Cambridge)

'Species of magic: De Radiis and its reception in the Latin tradition'

In person

Mon 13 Feb Agata Michnowska (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan)

'Mikkelsmesse in medieval Scandinavia'                 


In person Register
Mon 6 Mar     Davide Salmoiraghi (University of Cambridge)

'Performing "St Ambrose" in Medieval Iceland. Devotion and wonder making in Guðmundar sögur'                    

In person Register
Mon 27 Feb Alice Barron-Eaves (University of Edinburgh)

'Demystifying the Northern Lights: Ancient beliefs from around the globe'

In person Register
Mon 13 Mar María del Carmen Muñoz Rodríguez (Universidad de Sevilla)     

'Miraculous bodies and supernatural spaces in the Old English text "Juliana"'            

Online Register
Mon 20 Mar Murdo Homewood (University of Edinburgh)

'When all else fails: Experiences of illness in the catalogue of miracles of "The City of God"'                    

In person Register
Mon 27 Mar Ellie Wallis (University of Edinburgh)

'The harlot and the serpent: The Lady of the Lake in Tennyson’s "Idylls of the King"'                    

In person Register
Mon 3 Apr Eva Patyi (Central European University)

'Late Medieval and Early Modern magical activity and the “Loose-Living Lady"'   

Online Register
Tue18 Apr Juliana Santos Dinoá Medeiros (University of Warsaw)

Saints' thaumaturgy in Merovingian hagiography'               

In person  Register
Mon 24 Apr Avery DeMarco (University of Aberdeen)

'Cuthbert and the Viking age: His cult’s survival and his influence in 9th and 10th century Scandinavian Northumbria'                       

In person Register
Mon 1 May  Adam Mickiewicz (University in Poznan, Poland)  'Theatrical representation of the marvellous in medieval mystery plays about Saint Barbara'           Online Register
Mon 8 May  Oxford Brookes & Romancing the Gothic 'Reimagining and queering of medieval supernatural sources in Gothic literature'          In person  Register
Mon 15 May Federica Calabrese (Ministero della Cultura)

'The mystical discovery of King Arthur’s grave in Glastonbury. A new saint rose, between magic and miracles'   

Online Register

Semester 1, 2022/23

Date Speaker Topic

Mon 26 Sept

Helen Wyeth (University of St Andrews)

'Confident or arrogant? Commodian as an authority on Early Christian identity'

Mon 3 Oct

Tudor Stefanescu (Tor Vergata University of Rome)

'The emotions and wedding scenes in the painting of 15th and 16th centuries'

Joint Seminar with University of Edinburgh Medieval History Group

Mon 10 Oct

Meritxell Risco de la Torre (University of Iceland)

'Emoting femininity and masculinity in Partonopeu de Blois and its translations'

Mon 17 Oct

Alevtina Matveeva (Moscow State University)

'From Gregory of Cyprus to Theodora Raoulaina: Emotions and cross-sex friendship in Byzantine letters'

NB This seminar will be online - see above for access to the link

Mon 24 Oct

John Merrington (University of Oxford)

'Did the senses become sins in the Early Middle Ages?'

Mon 31 Oct

Meghan Dulsky (University of St Andrews)

'Remembering the dead on the edge of empire: Epitaphs and emotion in Late Antique Milan (300-600 CE)'
Mon 7 Nov Aaron Sheldon (University of York)

'Keeping in contact: Mæðgur relationships in Medieval Iceland'

Mon 14 Nov Roman Tymoshevskyi (Central European University)

'The King’s emotions: the case of Edward II (1307-1327)'

Mon 21 Nov

Daniele Battistelli (Sapienza University of Rome)

'An old Prince in the mirror: The "Fragmentum historiae Andegavensis of Fulk IV of Anjou" (c.1096)'
Mon 28 Nov

End of Term Christmas Meal (Details TBC)




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