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Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society seminars

Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society seminars take place throughout the year and are open to all.

Seminar description

These weekly seminars showcase the work-in-progress of postgraduate students and recent graduates of all disciplines working within the Late Antique and Medieval periods. Papers are twenty minutes long, followed by ten to fifteen minutes of questions. This term the seminars are on the theme of 'Symbols, Ritual, and Meaning'.

Time and location

Seminars are held every Monday at 6:15 pm on Collaborate. For access to the link please like the LAMPS Facebook page (@lampsedinburgh) or join the mailing list (e-mail All are welcome.

Event schedule

Semester 2, 2020/21

Date Speaker Topic

Monday 25 Jan

Adrienn Orosz (Eötvös Loránd University)

'Why turn a God to the Devil? Reasons, methods and brilliance behind the image of the first devil in the Winchester Psalter (Cotton MS Nero C. IV f.18r);
Monday 1 Feb Francis Mickus (Université de Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne) 'And what art thou, thou idle ceremony? Pageantry, spectacle and Henry V'

Monday 8 Feb

Lorenzo Colombo (University of Rome)

'“Tor Vergata”, variations on a theme: The Jews’ ritual murder libel and the heretics’ accusation of orgiastic rituals in the Late Middle Age'

Monday 15 Feb

Mara Schmueckle (University of Edinburgh)

'Legal rituals in Late Medieval Scotland'

Monday 22 Feb

Ben Kybett (University of Cambridge)

'The meaning of the muses: A group of muse statues as contested symbols in fourth-century Constantinople'
Monday 1 Mar

Mattheis Lorimor (Princeton Theological Seminary)

'A new baptism, a new Constantine'
Monday 8 Mar Jia Fangzhou (University of Chinese Academy of Social Science) 'An analysis on the innovation of the rituals in the coronation book of Charles V'

Monday 15 Mar

Larissa de Freitas Lyth (Universidade Federal do Paraná)

\'Women's sexuality as threat: Erotic magic in Burchard of Worm's "Corrector sive medicus”'
Monday 22 Mar Zubair Khalid (Jawaharlal Nehru University) and Fayaz A. Dar (University of Hyderabad) 'Epigraphy, Islam and Kashmir: A pluralistic view of social change in the Himalayan region'
Monday 29 Mar

Ryan Hatch

Britain’s Lost Battle: Finding and Assessing Mons Badonicus

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