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Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society seminars

Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society seminars take place throughout the year and are open to all.

Seminar description

The LAMPS seminars showcase the work-in-progress of postgraduate students (both PhD and MSc-level) of all disciplines working within the Late Antique and Medieval periods. Papers are twenty minutes long, followed by ten to fifteen minutes of questions. We then head to a nearby hostelry to continue the discussion!

Time and location

This term the seminars will take place in Room LG.06 in David Hume Tower, George Square at 6:15pmFor abstracts and more details please join our Facebook group (EdinburghLAMPS), mailing list (Email:, or visit our website, All are welcome.

Event schedule

Semester 2, 2019-20

Classics In the Middle Ages: Reception and transformation

Date Speaker Topic Notes

Monday 20 Jan

Patrick Huang (SOAS, University of London)

'How did Medieval scholars regard Ancient Greek music notation?' 2.12 Appleton Tower
Monday 27 Jan Justin Biggi 'A translation of ideas: An analysis of sight-based metaphor between Saint Augustine, Plato and Neoplatonists' TR07, Old College

Monday 3 Feb

Samuel Azzopardi (University of Edinburgh)

'Social nobility and dower in Late Antique Roman Law' G.01, 50 George Square

Monday 10 Feb

Michael Micci (University of Iceland)

'Building narratives through the visions of the past in Late-Medieval Iceland'   LG.10, David Hume Tower 

Monday 24 Feb

Ethan Schmidt (University of Edinburgh)

'Ancient statues in New Rome' G.01, 50 George Square
Monday 2 Mar

Andrew Levie (University of Edinburgh)

Mark Marchenko (University of Edinburgh)

'Theseus, Thebes and chivalry: Geoffrey Chuacer’s intertextual skills in undermining a portrait of knightly rulership within “The Knight’s Tale”'

'Sir Thomas Malory’s “La Morte Darthur” as Aristotelian tragedy'

LG.10, David Hume Tower
Monday 9 Mar Roberta Marangi (University of St Andrews)

'A masculine ending: Decapitation and the Story of Chiomara in Plutarch’s "Moralia" and Christine de Pizan’s "Le Livre de la Cite des Dames"'

TW: rape and violence

G.01, 50 George Square

Monday 16 Mar

Giuseppe Colonna (University of Italian Switzerland, Lugano)

'Simplicius on the category of “When”: A Late-Antique account on being on time' CANCELLED G.01, 50 George Square
Monday 23 Mar tbc   CANCELLED G.01, 50 George Square
Monday 30 Mar

John Colley (Oxford University)

'"[N]oyous for to carye”: Chaucer’s “Ebrayk Josephus” and "The House of Fame"' CANCELLED LG.10, David Hume Tower
Monday 6 Apr

Michael Hammet (Columbia University)

'“Cleave to the Mediator”: Augustine and Medieval demonological reception of classical transformation narratives'  CANCELLED G.01, 50 George Square

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