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Classics postgraduate seminars

The Classics Postgraduate seminars enable postgraduate students to gain valuable experience and practice in delivering research papers and taking questions on their work.

Event description

There has always been a strong contingent of postgraduate students at both masters and doctoral levels studying Classics at the University of Edinburgh.

Part of the postgraduate experience here is the opportunity to deliver research papers to fellow students, providing postgraduates with a valuable experience and practice in delivering research papers in a friendly and supportive environment. Sessions will consist of a 20–30 -minute talk + discussion, where postgraduate students (both at MSc and PhD level) will present their research on any area of Classical Studies (Ancient History, Classics, Classical Archaeology, or any related discipline).   

Time and location

Unless otherwise stated, the seminars take place at 6:10pm on Fridays via Microsoft Teams. If you would like to attend online, please contact

Event schedule

Semester 2 2021/22

Date Speaker Title
Fri 4 Feb

Richard Kendall (University of Edinburgh)

'Vaporwave responses to classical art: The art of the deal?'
Fri 11 Feb

Nikolas Cheimaras (Durham University)

'Political leadership in classical Athens'
Fri 18 Feb

Avery Warkentin (University of Oxford)

'Architectural assimilation and (re-)articulation: An investigation of the Roman kiosk of Naqa'
Fri 4 Mar

Francesco Moles (University of Bari)

'The courage of low-born characters in Euripides'
Fri 11 Mar

David Trachtenberg (University of Edinburgh)

'Life, death, and burial in Aeneas’ crew: A philosophical approach to Misenus and Palinurus'
Fri 18 Mar

Masayuki Fukushima (University of Edinburgh)

'The authenticity of Galen’s short treatises'
Fri 25 Mar

Lucilla Crespi (University of Edinburgh)

'Achilles’ fable of oaths and concord: A study of the simile at Il. 22.262-6 and its interrelationship with animal fable and folklore'

Fri 1 Apr

Kyohei Sakeshima (University of Edinburgh)

'The painting of Callippus and the Athenian remembrance of the Gallic Invasion'
Fri 8 Apr

Giovanna Pasquariello (University of Edinburgh)

'The oracle of Phaennis: Attalus’ Galaterideologie and Pergamene cultural policy in Epirus'

Semester 1 2021/22

Date Speaker Title
Friday 8 Oct Nicolò Campodonico (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa) 'In the name of Tibullus'
Friday 15 Oct Clara Lazzoni (University of Edinburgh) 'Framing a poem: An example'
Friday 22 Oct Matthew Evans (University of Warwick) 'Beautiful bodies in Plato’s gymnasia: Bridging the gap between philosophy and the everyday'
Friday 29 Oct Tommasina Matrone (Ca' Foscari University of Venice) 'A missing piece of the local mythography? The Phrygian helmet of Athena in ancient Campania'

Friday 12 Nov

Giovanni Trovato (University of Genoa) 'The genus mixtum: Some stylistic and lexical intersections in Latin pastoral'
Friday 19 Nov Valentina Barrile (King’s College London) 'Self-portrait of a rhetor'

Friday 26 Nov

Beatrice Bersani (University of Edinburgh) 'Ceres’s spectrum: The role of chromatic dimensions in Claudian’s portrayal of a traditional deity'
Friday 3 Dec Florencia de Graaff (University of Buenos Aires) ‘"Don’t get too emotional": The intersection between gender and class and its impact on the display of emotion in funerary monuments in Classical Greece'

Further information

Further information can be found on the Classics postgraduate seminar series website, or email

Classics postgraduate seminar series website

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