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Classics postgraduate seminars

The Classics Postgraduate seminars enable postgraduate students to gain valuable experience and practice in delivering research papers and taking questions on their work.


Part of the postgraduate experience at the University of Edinburgh is the opportunity to deliver research papers to fellow students, providing postgraduates with a valuable experience and practice in delivering research papers in a friendly and supportive environment. The Classics Postgraduate seminar series occurs weekly, with postgraduates who volunteer to deliver a research paper of around forty minutes in length, with time afterwards for question and answer.

Time and location

Unless otherwise stated, the seminars take place on Thursdays, 5.10-6.00pm in  Teaching Room 13, Doorway 3, Old Medical School, Teviot Place

Event schedule

Semester 1 2019/20
Date Speaker Title
Thursday 3 Oct Cristiana Lucidi (Roehampton)

'Dying for one’s glory, dying for the fatherland: Euripides and the epitaphios logos as an Athenian discourse'

Thursday 10 Oct Thaddeus Thorp (Edinburgh) 'The business model of the Umbricii Scauri'
Thursday 17 Oct Fabian Horn (LMU Munich) 'The metaphoricity of θυμός in Early Greek Poetry'
Thursday 24 Oct Martina Astrid Rodda (Jesus College at Oxford) 'Riverbeds and garden paths: Retracing the reader’s steps in Callimachus’ "Hymn to Zeus"'

Thursday 31 Oct

James Page (Edinburgh)

'Come hell or high water. The rise and fall of Roman influence over the Po valley’s water network'

Thursday 7 Nov Andrew Mclean (Edinburgh)

'A connecting sea: Circuit theory and approaches to modelling connectivity across the Adriatic of the early Roman Empire'

Thursday 14 Nov Sofia Bianchi Mancini (Universität Erfurt) 'Contesting law: curses in the courts of Selinous and Classical Athens'
Thursday 21 Nov Tobias Wild (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) 'Great rulers – Small representations? A bottom-up perspective on kings and kingship'
Thursday 28 Nov Celeste de Blois (Edinburgh) 'Reading magic in Propertius: The Poetic Carmen as a Spell'
Thursday 5 Dec Tim Penn (Edinburgh) & Summer Courts (Edinburgh) 'Gaming and gambling in Roman Britain: Textual tropes and material evidence'

Further information

Further information can be found on the Classics postgraduate seminar series website, or email