Classics today

At the beginning of the 21st century, Classics at Edinburgh is not only alive and well but is flourishing, with buoyant student numbers, new approaches to the study of the various classical disciplines, and a combination of ‘traditional’ language-based courses and those which illustrate new emphases and new directions.

The Classics section of the school is a strong and thriving unit of 19 permanent, full-time academic staff and has been notably strengthened in recent years by new appointments which enable us to continue Edinburgh’s long and proud tradition of offering the widest range of subjects and approaches in Classics of any University in Scotland. Staff are engaged in exciting new research projects and are at the cutting edge of their fields.

New approaches to Classics

The recent past has been a time of great change at Edinburgh, both for Classics and for the University, and we believe that we are now very well placed to build on existing strengths and make this one of the outstanding centres of Classical learning in the UK. Accordingly, our degree programmes and their constituent modules are under constant review, as we accommodate the latest approaches and scholarship and revise our courses to reflect the expertise of new staff.

We are sure that you will find Classics at Edinburgh stimulating and enjoyable. We cover the ancient world from the beginning of the first millennium BC to Late Antiquity and beyond, and offer the opportunity to work with a very wide range of evidence and approaches, from papyrus fragments of ancient writers to the portrayal of the ancient world in Hollywood movies. Staff in Classics are friendly and approachable, and there is a large undergraduate community, including a lively Classics Society. Our postgraduate community, which hosts its own research seminar series contributes to the intellectual life of both the subject area and the School. By choosing to join Classics at Edinburgh you will be linking yourself to a renowned pedigree of Classical scholarship, and to a bright future in this most fascinating of subjects.