School of Health in Social Science

School governance

Information about the various roles across the school and their responsibility.

The Head of School is formally responsible to the Head of College, who is responsible to the Principal who is responsible to the University Court, for the academic leadership and management of the School. The Head of School is supported in the leadership and management of the School by a variety of role-holders and committees to whom responsibilities are devolved.

School Roles


Role Holder School Committees
Head of School Matthias Schwannauer School Management, Promotions
Head of Clinical Psychology David Gillanders School Management
Head of Nursing Studies Aisha Holloway School Management
Head of Counselling and Psychotherapy Seamus Prior School Management
Director of Learning and Teaching Mandy Laing

School Management, Board of Studies, School Education

Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange Angus Macbeth School Management, Research & Knowledge Exchange, Research Ethics
Deputy Director of Research (Knowledge, Exchange & Impact)

Joanne Williams

Research & Knowledge Exchange

Deputy Director of Research (Postgraduate Research)

Karen Goodall

Research & Knowledge Exchange, School Education

(ADD) School EDTA Champion

School Lead for Technology Enhanced Learning Vacant  

Director of Quality Assurance & Enhancement

Elaine Haycock-Stuart School Education
Promotions Committee Representative

Jonathan Wyatt


School Academic Misconduct Officer (SAMO)

Sue Turnbull

Library Coordinator

Alette Willis

Coordinator of Adjustments Joanna Alexjuk  
Senior Tutor

Fiona Murray

School Education

Equality & Diversity Coordinator Rosie Stenhouse  

Subject area leads


Clinical Psychology

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Nursing Studies

School Education Committee

School Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee    


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee