Global Health Academy

Global Health Research Themes

Seven thematic areas of global and planetary health activity at the University.

Our global and planetary health research – both work programmes and communities of practice – is categorised into the following seven thematic areas:

1. Planetary Health, One Health and the Determinants of Health 

Programmes include research on the intersection of the science on neglected tropical diseases, climate change and health, anti-microbial resistance and the impact of the emerging environmental crises on health. Programmes cover the interplay between health and the determinants of health in our living and physical world –including ecosystems and our human socio, political and economic systems.  

2. Care Pathways and Care at Life Stages

Programmes include family medicine, primary care, palliative care, and programmes focused on child health, maternal health and ageing.

3. Illness Specific  

3.1 Infectious Diseases

A wide range of programmes focusing on understanding the pathways of infection and the impact of diseases on communities.  

3.2 Non Communicable Diseases and Co-morbidities

Programmes looking at the emerging impact of non-communicable diseases and co-morbidities.

3.3 Mental Health

Programmes focused on mental health: both how determinants of health (including climate change, poor nutrition, inequality) are shaping mental health and the impact of diseases on mental health. 

4. Technical Innovation and Big Data

These programmes deal with data driven healthcare/interventions and strategies for using data to improve health. Programmes include mHealth, eHealth, health informatics and frugal innovations to advance global health care.  

5. Global Surgery 

Programmes to advance surgical care and innovation including initiatives working towards achieving universal access to safe and affordable surgical and anaesthetic care.  

6. Health Systems and Global Health Governance 

Programmes include health workforce development, governance in global health agencies and human rights and development, and more.  

7. Compassion, Wellbeing and Ethical Health Care

Programmes include public policy and business engagement and wider social economic factors.

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