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Gates Grand Challenges award - Congratulations to Kevin Bardosh

Kevin Bardosh, a Global Health Academy member who specialises in Medical Anthropology has been successfully awarded a Gates Grand Challenges award for his project entitled: “Optimizing community-based interventions: Modeling the feasibility and economics of integrating lymphatic filariasis (LF), malaria and cholera elimination efforts in Haiti”

In The Republic of Haiti, three large scale global health campaigns against lymphatic filariasis (LF), malaria and cholera are currently operating in parallel, with similar timelines and operational terrain, but with separate funding and co-ordinating bodies.

currently on secondment to University of Florida, Kevin will trial a set of small-scale integrated activities which tackle all three diseases at the same time. The team will then assess which combination(s) of health technologies have the most potential to optimize LF, malaria, and cholera elimination from a delivery, community, economic, and public health standpoint.

Their model will inform current efforts for disease elimination in Haiti, while also having wider relevance to the neighbouring Dominican Republic and other countries and regions.

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Kevin Bardosh