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Partnership to deliver data-driven tech to farmers

farm scene with sheep being herded at sunset
A collaboration with software firm Trinity AgTech will seek to add value to farming supply chains, with benefits for farmers and society.

Students challenged to eat well for the planet

A month-long meal plan gets under way with the aim of helping students to eat healthily and sustainably.

Health warnings can nudge consumers to eat less meat

Labelling indicating the health risks associated with red meat could help lower consumption, tests show.

Changing markets put pressure on livestock sector

Free range chickens
Pressure from consumers, policymakers and investment funds are all reshaping the livestock sector.

Schools have food for thought at Scottish produce webinar

Online event helps pupils and teachers unpick Scotland’s role in the global food sector.

Consensus breaks out on net-zero farming

Farmers, academics and NGOs deliver consensus on the usually contentious subject of farming and climate.

Monocroppers at increased risk of poor diets during COVID lockdown

During the most restrictive part of COVID-19 lockdown in India, farmers planting only one type of crop were more likely to experience a decline in diet quality than those cultivating two or more.

Student team wins prizes for sexual health project

Linda Initiative wins University Changemaker Award and Leadership prize for programme to support young people.

Virtual student work placement success at Aviagen

Chicken Looking
Work experience with global company enriches learning experience for undergraduates.

Indian study tracks health benefits of organic farming

Memorandum of Understanding supports collaboration to evaluate effects of large-scale transition to sustainable agriculture.

Young population helps limit Covid-19 impact in Ethiopia

Climate, clean air and other nationwide factors help suppress number of deaths from coronavirus.

Vet profession sustainability champion awarded

Founder of Vet Sustain wins prize for work dedicated to championing sustainability in the veterinary professions.

Award honours support for community initiative

Sustainability prize recognises efforts to deliver food parcels to local people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Salt content on the rise in vegetarian menu options

Sodium levels in meat-free dishes are increasing, as the consumer trend towards plant-based diets continues.

Students win accolades for leadership efforts

Undergraduates are honoured with Academy prizes for their inspiring work to support others.

Vitamin D in pregnancy does not curb asthma in babies

Analysis of clinical studies finds no evidence to support the use of supplements for mothers-to-be.

Musical memories capture mood of displaced Syrians

Art project with families impacted by unrest creates collection of hummed songs.

Syrian food security initiative wins research support

International collaboration included in UKRI international development research programme awards.

Crop research seeks to support African smallholders

Improved understanding of soil and plant interactions will aid productivity in key crops.

Proxy healthcare measures put Global South patients at risk

People with cardiovascular diseases in low- and middle-income countries are missing out on potentially life-saving treatments.

Insight needed to improve livestock feeding practices

Greater understanding of smallholder farmers’ experiences could help improve livestock feeding and aid productivity and income, research shows.

Covid-19 causes hunger crisis for Syrian refugees

Travel restrictions, loss of livelihoods and rising food prices caused by the coronavirus outbreak are affecting Syrian refugees in border regions in the Middle East.

Assessment reveals impact of pet food production

Land equivalent to twice the size of the UK used to make dry food for cats and dogs.

Researcher named among world-class fellowship winners

Dr Lindsay Jaacks wins Future Leaders Fellowship from the UK Government.

Infants in poorer regions lack access to diarrhoea therapy

Poor availability of rehydration remedies for under-fives is leaving many without treatment.

UK nations seek to champion animal health and welfare

Food and Farming Futures workshop explores opportunities and interests post-Brexit.

Emissions recycling paves way to sustainable feedstuffs

A single-cell protein for fish and poultry feed developed from industrial CO2 could transform food production systems.

Global Academy of Agriculture COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on our health and food systems.

Cattle diet software helps sustainable production

A newly developed algorithm processes a range of complex factors to define the optimum feed for sustainable animal growth.

The Planetary Health Game

In the Planetary Health Game, players battle to keep people, the planet and their own businesses healthy.

Climate lessons could aid antibiotics challenge

Rising antimicrobial resistance, fuelled by overuse of treatments, could be curbed with a framework inspired by climate change targets.

Zimbabwe GCRF Foundation Award Visit

Our scientists and partners visit Zimbabwe as part of a GCRF foundation award.

Palm Oil Production Film

Dr Fiona Borthwick explains the complex landscape of palm oil production and methods of sustainable development for the future.

First birthday for Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security celebrates its first birthday this week.

Professor Geoff Simm: Inaugural lecture: Thought for Food - Food for Thought?

You can now watch the Inaugural Lecture given by Professor Geoff Simm, Director of the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security.

Second Round of Projects Funded by Edinburgh Sydney Partnership Collaboration Awards

The latest projects to be funded by the Edinburgh Sydney Partnership Collaboration Awards have been announced.

Can we change course on the global livestock feed industry's environmental impact?

Q&A with Alan Duncan, Visiting Professor at the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security and ILRI Livestock Feed Specialist.

Innovative data-driven Fellowships available

The University has announced a number of prestigious new fellowships for highly talented researchers focused on data-driven innovation.

Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security, works with Edinburgh Global Research and Partnership Fund

The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security is very happy to be working with the Edinburgh Global Research and Partnership Fund, to support the development of Edinburgh’s global partnership community.

Launch of the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

Bill Gates and Government Minister Penny Mordaunt have formally launched the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security, a £35 million research and teaching initiative focused on safeguarding the future of the world’s food supplies, during a visit to the University’s Easter Bush campus.

Global Academy – Global Recruitment

It’s been a busy few months for the Global Academy with applications for 2018 Entry open to potential students.

Agriculture workshop examines drone use to boost harvests

Experts are meeting in Africa to explore how drones and other remote sensing tools may be able to help farmers make better use of their land.

Launching a new Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

A new Global Academy is bringing experts together to find solutions to the world's key food issues.