Fundraise Your Way

Vedika Dass

All4Paws committee members knew a sweet way to fundraise for the cause close to their hearts.

Name Vedika Dass (on behalf of the All4Paws committee)             
Cause fundraised for


Method of fundraising Bake sale                                                                   
Bake Sale

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

It was important to us, as members of the All4Paws committee, to raise money for this vital service. As volunteers, we see first-hand how necessary our services are in providing free veterinary care to Edinburgh’s homeless and vulnerably housed community. We supply vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, consultations, prescription food and medication, as well as treats, toys, and other accessories. We also have an emergency fund which covers the cost of diagnostics and treatments that we are not able to provide, and also any referrals.

All4Paws is a fantastic way in which we can give back to the community. We believe that animals provide a great source of comfort for people, and since homeless people are often excluded from society, providing veterinary care for them offers a sense of companionship and enables them to have pets, whilst also promoting animal welfare.

How did you raise money?

We hosted a bake sale to raise funds for All4Paws. Committee members brought in delicious treats, and we hosted the bake sale at the Vet School. There was an extremely varied spread including, but not limited to, scones, brownies, cookies, muffins, and cakes.

On the day, committee members took turns manning the stall. As well as accepting cash, we also set up a JustGiving page prior to the bake sale to allow people donate online.

We promoted our bake sale across various channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and group chats. We were also lucky with the location of our table within the vet school – we were in a very visible area, and easily seen by the majority of the vet school personnel.

Lots of people gave us feedback that the food was very tasty and also reasonably priced. People also commented on how broad our spread was and how many different items we had on offer.

We were all absolutely over the moon with how the bake sale went – we sold out very quickly despite having so many items, and also raised a lot of money for All4Paws.

Fundraising wisdom

Don’t worry that your fundraising event might be too small. Every bit of money gathered, and awareness raised, is special, appreciated, and something to be proud of! We weren’t expecting our bake sale to be as successful as it was – so it was a great surprise to everyone involved!

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