School of GeoSciences

About the programme

An intensive educational opportunity designed to equip students for either a career in the Geographical Information industry or for further research.

Throughout our 20-year relationship, the GIS programme at Edinburgh has consistently developed high-calibre graduates, with strong analytical capabilities and an excellent grounding in technology, providing an exceptional foundation for a career in digital.

Dr John AldersonChairman of Informed Solutions, a leading digital transformation and GIS consultancy.


Why study GIS?

Geographical Information (GI) provides powerful solutions to real-world problems using one of the world’s most advanced technologies. It is an important and diverse industry employing at least 10,000 people in the UK alone.*

GIS computing and University facilities

Information on the School of GeoSciences computing facilities and University-wide facilities you can use.

Please note that field trip locations may change based on availability or for reasons outwith our control including those of a political nature.