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PhD Student Field Work

Find out about recent field trips and the work undertaken by our current PhD Students.

Each year, a number of our PhD students undertake fieldwork as a crucial part of the research for their PhD project. Some stay close to home and others travel to all corners of the globe. See below where some of our PhD students have been recently and what research work they undertook whilst in the field.


Isla Simmons - Field trip to Quetrupillán volcano in Chile 

"I spent a month in Chile in February 2017, including just under 2 weeks wild camping up on Quetrupillán. The only way to access the volcano was by horseback, so to get to my camp involved a 6 hour horse ride (not the most comfortable mode of travel!). My fieldwork involved studying and sampling lava flows and other deposits up on Quetrupillán and on the flanks of the volcano." - Isla Simmins. 


Rebekah Miller - Field trip to Costa del Sol in Spain 

"My six months of ethnographic fieldwork was conducted from September 2016 to April 2017 in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. I was looking at the everyday lives and practices of retired British migrants who live there. The photo essay pays attention to how these migrants’ lives are being shaped by Brexit." - Rebekah Miller 

View Rebekah's photo essay


Emiel de Lange - Field trip to Cambodia

Emiel spent a  five week scoping trip in Cambodia, visiting field sites and connecting with project partners in order to plan his research. 

Read about Emiel's experience in Cambodia in his blog


Geoff Wells - Field trip to Chiapas in Mexico

"I spent January and February leading a research team to six Mayan forest villages in Chiapas, Mexico. We were investigating how environmental and social factors interact to affect forest growth (and carbon sequestration), and how technical and traditional forest knowledge interact and help to make it happen. We measured trees, conducted questionnaires and, as a thank you to the participants, put on a feast in each village. This expedition generated a large, primary socioecological dataset which will form the core of my PhD analysis." - Geoff Wells 

Read about Geoff's experience in Mexico in his blog

View Geoff's fieldwork photos on FlickR


Lizzie Dingle - Field trip to Nepal

Lizzie has undertaken multiple trips to Nepal for PhD research.

"These trips entailed digging pits in the dry river bed during the non-monsoon season and sieving the gravels to determine grain size distributions and pebble lithology. The grain size measurements and pebble lithology data I collected form the basis of two papers that have been published from my PhD." - Lizzie Dingle 

Read about Lizzie's experience in Nepal in her blog

View Lizzie's fieldwork photos on Flickr


Gabriela Hajduk - Field trip to Australia

Gabriela has undertaken fieldwork in the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra, Australia, 'focussing on courtship displays between related birds'.

Read about Gabriela's fieldwork experience in her blog


Ribanna Dittrich - Field trip to Antarctica

'I have spent the season 2015/16 at the U.S. Palmer Station at the WAP and on the Palmer Antarctic LTER cruise to collect water samples for the analysis of DOM concentrations on the basis of C and N as well as their N-isotopic composition.' 

View Ribanna's fieldwork photos on Flickr 

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