School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2007

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
IMF 300/0507 C. Storey Probing the birth and growth of continents via isotopic records of titanite
IMF 301/0507 L. Clarke Testing the veracity of the Mg/Ca paleotemperature proxy in cultured marine molluscan calcite
IMF 305/0507 B. Kaeser Li and B isotopic fractionation between olivine and clinopyroxene at upper mantle conditions
IMF 306/0507 M. Branney Volatiles in unusual 'Snake River-type', high mass-flux rhyolitic eruptions of Idaho, USA
IMF 308/0507 M. Walter Carbon Isotope composition of transition zone diamonds from Collier-4 kimberlite pipe (Juina, Brazil): constraining the protolith
IMF 309/0507 K. Darling The relationaship between the ecology of planktonic foraminiferal genotypes and their shell geochemistry
IMF 310/0507 L. Benning How to make soils? The fungal-mineral interface and its role in rock weathering
IMF 312/1007 E. Hendy Zooxanthellae population dynamics and the biomineralisation of coral skeletons
IMF 314/1007 V. Ragnasdottir Cyanobacterial weathering of minerals
IMF 315/1007 R. Ellam Trace element and isotope geochemistry of the high-3He/4He mantle reservoir
IMF 316/1007 M. Humphreys Decompression crystallisation vs. mafic injection: Investigation of melt inclusions and matrix glasses in recent andesites from the Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat
IMF 317/1007 J. Blundy Trace Element and Volatile Evolution in Deep Crustal Hot Zones: An Experimental Case Study of Primitive Basalts from St. Vincent
IMF 318/1007 J. Blundy The magmatic evolution of Dabbahu volcano, Afar Rift, Ethiopia. Understanding the processes and timescales involved in continental rift-related magmatism
IMF 322/1007 M. Walter Mineral/melt partitioning of trace elements between carbonate melt and deep mantle phases: constraints on the origin of ultra-deep mineral inclusions in diamonds
IMF 323/1007 N. Kamenos Using δ18O in maerl as both a salinity and temperature proxy
IMF 325/1007 E. Hendy The origin of sulphur isotopic variations in coral
IMF 326/1007 D. Pyle The melt inclusion record of magma storage and degassing at Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion
IMF 327/1007 M. Anand Variations in Lithium and Boron isotopes in Martian pyroxenes: roles of degassing and diffusion
IMF 329/1007 T. Elliott Quantifying Li isotope fractionation during cooling