School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2006

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
  P. Clift Dating Major Drainage Changes Linked to Surface Uplift in Eastern Tibet Through Pb Isotope Analysis of Detrital K-Feldspars in the Song Hong Basin, Vietnam
  N. Allison Predicting sea surface temperatures from fossil coral skeletons
  N. Kelly Analysing thin zircon overgrowths using Ion Microprobe as a key to dating elusive tectonothermal events in the Lewisian of NW Scotland? Technique Development Time Only
  A. Brearly Metasomatic alteration of mantle xenoliths from the Rio Puerco volcanic field, New Mexico, USA: Insights into upper mantle metasomatism at the transition from the Colorado Plateau to the Rio Grande Rift
  M. Elliot An investigation in the control of pH on the distribution of Mg in the shell of the giant marine bivalve Tridacna gigas
  K. Darling Trace elements variations across walls of planktonic foraminiferal tests: potential tracers of ocean vertical thermal and nutrient structure?
  D. Schmidt Boron isotopes in planktic foraminifers: conceptual understanding through in-situ analysis
  R. Burgess U-Pb dating of lunar baddeleyite
  V. Smith Trace element and volatile composition of melt inclusions and trace element zoning in plagioclase phenocrysts from the 10.5ka Upper Toluca Pummice, Nevado de Toluca, Mexico
  O. Reubi Control of magmatic and degassing dynamics on the volcanic activity at Volcan de Colima, Mexico: insight from trace element, H2O and CO2 contents of melt inclusions
  R. Brooker The H2O and CO2 content of kimberlitic magmas; thier capacity to carry volatiles to shallow depths
  G. Turner Plutonium geochemistry of meteorites.
  M. Humphreys H2O diffusion in melt inclusions as geospeedometer for explosive volcanic eruptions
  S. Redfern Slab-derived melts from the Earths lower mantle: possible plume sources and the global Nb budget
  I. Fairchild Annual sulphate abundance cycles and secular sulphur isotopes variations in speleothems
  T. Elliott Tracing re-cycled material in the upper mantle
  D. Condon Assessing pre-treatment techniques for improving the accuarcy of microbeam (SIMS and LA-PIMMS) U-Pb geochronology
  J. Maclennan Melt mixing, crystallisation and degassing in the magma chambers that feed large basaltic eruptions: The record from olivine-hosted inclusions of the 1783 Laki basalt
  S. Harley Analysisng thin Zircon overgrowths using Ion Microprobe - a key to dating elusive tectonothermal events in the Lewisian of NW Scotland
  S. Kasemann High resolution isotope investigation of the paleoatmospheric carbon dioxide levels: The neoproterozoic climatic extremes as a test study
  M. Gillespie The origin and evolution of the Caledonian Granites in Scotland: stable and radiogenic isotopic constraints from micro-analysis of zircons and related minerals
  T. Elliott The fate of subducted crust
IMP 284/1006 M. Cusack Disentangling biological, ontogenetic and environmental influences on oxygen isotope composition of brachiopod and bivalve shells
IMP 285/1006 C. Hawkesworth Crustal differentiation in arcs: deep or shallow?
IMF 288/1006 D. Schmidt Variations in boron isotopes and trace elements in foraminifers: biomineralisation or ecology?
IMF 290/1006 D. Pyle The melt inclusion record of magma degassing at Etna, Sicily
IMF 291/1006 J. Blundy and O. Reubi Magmatic evolution and volatile contents recorded by melt inclusions from the Minoan eruption of Santorini, Greece and implications for caldera-forming eruptions
IMF 292/1006 G. Jenkin Quantifying the release of base metals into hydrothermal ore forming systems
IMF 294/1006 T. Elliott and R. Abell Lithium isotopes in foraminiferal hosted calcite
IMF 296/1006 A. Finch Coral calcifying fluid pH (indicated by δ11B) and skeletal δ18O and Sr/Ca in coral skeletons
IMF 297/1006 S. Kohn The fluorine concentration of the mantle: Constraints from experimental fluorine partitioning studies