School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2001

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
  N. Allison and A. Finch Reconstruction of past seawater temperatures: the importance of calcification processes on Ba and Sr incorporation into coral aragonite
  J.U.L. Baldini, F. McDermott, and I. J. Fairchild High resolution trace element cyclicity in speleothems
  S. Bennett and J. Blundy Trace Element Partitioning between Eclogite and Melt at High Pressure
  L. A. Coogan Magma plumbing in supra-subduction zone oceanic crust: insights from the trace-element characteristics of clinopyroxene in the Troodos ophiolite
  D.P Dobson Self-diffusion in liquid iron alloys
  H Downes and A D Beard Glass-bearing hornblendite xenoliths - natural experimental charges for studies of fractional crystallisation of alkaline magmas
  I. J. Fairchild Annual cycles of P and cations in speleothems
  M.A.M. Gee & M.F. Thirlwall Tholeiites from the Reykjanes Peninsula, SW Iceland represent different degrees of melts from chemically heterogeneous mantle sources at different depths? Evidence from melt inclusions
  R.E. Guest, A.M. McCaig and C.M. Graham Retrogressive dolomitisation and fluid flow in the SW Highlands, Scotland
  S.L. Harley Metamorphic reactions and the REE chemistry of zircon and garnet in UHT pelites
  B. Harte and L. Morfi Deriving relative melt partition coefficients from natural rock data
  R. W. Hinton, R. Macdonald, D.W. McGarvie, A. Tindle and S.L. Harley The possible role of Hydrogen in the rare earth and trace element substitution into Zircon
  C. Macaulay, C. Graham and S. Haszeldine Low temperature quartz cementation of the Upper Cretaceous white sandstone of Lochaline, Argyll, Scotland
  A. Marchand & S. Haszeldine Tracking quartz cement in deepwater sandstones of the Miller oilfield
  T.Stachel, P. McDade, and & K.S. Viljoen The trace element composition of peridotitic inclusions in diamonds from Orapa and Jwaneng (Botswana)
  R. Thomas, C. MacLeod, & L. Coogan The migration of melt beneath fast-spreading ocean ridges: Insights from the Sumail ophiolite, Oman
  P. Thompson and S. L Harley The instability of cordierite and garnet with low water activity, saline fluids
  H Townley, G. Jenkin & R. Parrish The Effect of Chemical and Isotopic exchange on Closure Temperature in isotopic systems
  Y. Kawachi D. S. Coombs, B. E. Leake and R. W. Hinton The anhydrous amphibole ungarettiite from the Woods mine, New South Wales, Australia
  G. Zellmer Magmatic evolution of Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat, West Indies.