School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2016

List of Projects.

Project Ref Author Topic
IMF582/0516 Wynn Speleothem records of acid sulphate deposition and organic carbon mobilisation
IMF583/0516 Blundy Magma evolution at Süphan stratovolcano, Eastern Turkey
IMF584/0516 Calder Eruption dynamics of cyclic vulcanian explosions from Galeras volcano, Colombia
IMF585/0516 Pichevin A deep source of dissolved Iron during the last deglaciation?
IMF587/0516 Maclennan Timescales of magma ascent in the Theistareykir Volcanic System, Iceland.
IMF590/0516 Kirstein Tracing recycling signatures in a heterogeneous mantle with boron isotopes, volatile and trace elements
IMF592/0516 O'Driscoll A role for biogenic sulphur in fixing precious metals in layered intrusions?
IMF595/0516 De Hoog Fluid-mobile element signatures of serpentinite dehydration
IMF597/0516 Bromiley H partitioning between mineral and silicate melt under lunar conditions.
IMF599/1016 Burton-Johnson How does intrusive magmatism relate to tectonic deformation? : Tectonomagmatic relationships of the Lassiter Coast Intrusive Suite granitoids, Antarctica
IMF600/1016 Hartley Crystallization and degassing of volatile-rich magmas from Tanganasoga volcano, El Hierro
IMF602/1016 Halma Tracking subduction dehydration and fluid-rock interaction in high-pressure metamorphic phengite using boron isotopes
IMF605/1016 Blundy Investigating magma storage depths beneath Kick ‘em Jenny and Bequia volcanoes using melt inclusions
IMF606/1016 Robertson SIMS U-Pb dating of detrital zircons from Cretaceous volcanogenic sediments in Cyprus used to determine the age of arc magmatism and, combined with geochemical data, develop a new model of Tethyan subduction
IMF607/1016 Edmonds

Halogen behaviour in peralkaline melts and implications for REE mineralisation

IMF609/1016 Darling A New Record of Eoarchaean to Hadean (?) Crustal Evolution in the Superior Province
IMF610/1016 Dempster Zircon: origin and geochemistry in ultramafic host rocks
IMF613/1016 Harvey Boron isotope systematics of veined (metasomatised) mantle xenoliths from Kamchatka arc volcanoes
IMF615/1016 Storey Tracing geodynamic changes in Palaeoproterozoic rocks from SE Brazil
IMF616/1016 Maclennan Does small-scale volatile heterogeneity exist in the Iceland plume?
IMF617/1016 Maclennan Tracking the temporal evolution of a large basaltic fissure eruption: the AD 1783-84 Laki eruption, Iceland.