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Rock Physics and Rock Deformation

The Rock Physics laboratory is operated as a grant-supported laboratory with access via the collaborative research pathway, with experimental costs covered as appropriate.

Rock Physics

The rock physics laboratory has been newly rejuvenated, with an updated triaxial deformation rig (built in house) and acoustic emission equipment (Applied Seismology Richter data acquisition combined with trigger and hit count systems and pulser receivers). The laboratory is dedicated to studies of rock mechanics, including coupled physical and chemical processes and damage mechanics and is linked closely with the Experimental X-ray Microtomography laboratory.

The Rock Physics Big Rig (housed in the School of Engineering) is a triaxial press capable of handling 100mm OD samples and applying loads of up to 2MN and confining conditions up to 70MPa. The rig is currently being updated to accept a new control system and a new large sample True Triaxial cell.

Access is via discussion with Dr Ian Butler, Prof Ian Main and Dr Andy Bell.


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