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10 kbar Internally Heated Gas Pressure Vessels

The laboratories host three internally heated gas pressure vessels (IHGPV) capable of operating up to 1100°C and up to 1GPa.

10 KBar High Pressure

The pressure vessels and loading assembly were designed and built in house and the furnaces can accommodate 3mm OD, 10mm long experimental charges welded into precious metal capsules. Experimental durations from minutes to months are possible. The laboratory is supported by a preparation facility which includes a PUK U4 -TIG impulse micro welder, analytical balances and gel preparation facilities.

The internally heated gas pressure vessels operating costs can be provided by the Facility Manager, negotiable according to experiment type, and excluding the cost of precious metals).


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Rapp, JF, Klemme, S, Butler, IB & Harley, SL 2010, 'Extremely high solubility of rutile in chloride and fluoride-bearing metamorphic fluids: An experimental investigation' Geology, vol 38, pp. 323-326.


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