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We are always delighted to discuss future projects and opportunities. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or comments.

Full Time Staff


 Facility Manager / Pilot    Tom Wade


Scientific Steering and Governance

The Facility receives steering and support from, and indeed was founded by, expert scientists among the School’s academic staff. We operate with a small inner steering group that meets regularly to oversee and steer activities, and reporting to the School management team


Director, Atmospheric Science: Prof John Moncrieff

Prof Moncrieff has an outstanding background in micro-meteorology and has been working with airborne measurements for over a decade. John was the initiator and driving force behind the School’s acquisition of the aircraft and initial atmospheric measuring equipment.

Director, Airborne Remote Sensing: Dr Caroline Nichol

Dr Nichol is a leading expert on remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems and has many years experience working with tower, airborne and satellite data.

Director, Operations: Tom Wade


Address: School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh, Crew Building, Alexander Crum Brown Road, EDINBURGH EH9 3FF


Requests for Support

We recommend that your first action should be to contact the Facility Manager at the email address above, and we can then point you towards the appropriate Request For Support paperwork.