Moray House School of Education and Sport

Institute for Language Education (ILE)

Established in 2020, ILE interprets language education broadly, exploring real-world language use and communication, as well as its impact, in and across different educational contexts.

Institute for Language Education (ILE) is concerned with first and second language education, with world languages, plurilingualism and the promotion of a diverse and critical approach to languages. This includes its promotion of Gaelic and BSL within Scotland and interdisciplinary approaches to language teaching and learning such as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Our approach includes visual (still and moving image), gesture, spatial awareness, movement and sound – all embraced by a multimodal and multidisciplinary approach to communication.

The Institute houses large-scale Masters’ programmes in TESOL, Language Education and Intercultural Communication, as well as contributing to linguistic perspectives across the School at undergraduate, Initial Teacher Education, Masters and doctoral levels. All our programmes explore how linguistic and cultural diversity mediate social justice in liberal democracies that are undergoing rapid changes due to high levels of migration and economic globalisation.  Across these areas, we are committed to providing world-class research-informed teaching and learning. 

The focus of our work connects social justice and sustainability goals through our local, national and international research across the fields of applied linguistics, language education, language, literacies, pluriliteracies and interculturality. ILE works closely with other Institutes on teacher education programmes, particularly with regard to language policy and practice, creativity and interdisciplinary learning in school curricula, EAL (English as an Additional Language), bilingual education and the development of literacies in first and other languages. 

A new Master’s programme in Children’s Literature is planned.