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Institute for Language Education (ILE)

Established in 2020, the Institute for Language Education (ILE) challenges ways of thinking about languages, literacies and interculturality by interpreting language education as critical transformative praxis that enables educators to bring about social change to educational institutions across the world.

Introduction to ILE

Study with us

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Our Institute houses large-scale Masters’ programmes in TESOL, Language Education and Intercultural Communication that provide world-class, research-informed interdisciplinary education to all students.

ILE research

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Our Institute maintains a wide portfolio of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that provides extensive insight into global language education problems and challenges.

ILE events

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Details of research seminars, conferences and other events held by our Institute for Language Education (ILE).

ILE staff

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ILE staff are experienced teacher-researchers with established international reputation in language education theory, research, policy, pedagogy and practice.